5 best weekend getaways near Lucknow for short trip

Known for its rich cultural legacy and historical significance, Lucknow is one of the most popular travel destinations. However, it also serves as an excellent starting point for exploring other nearby destinations.

Here are 5 best weekend getaways near Lucknow for a short trip


1. Shravast

Shravasti is well-known for being a renowned Buddhist pilgrimage site. Furthermore, this location is known for having served as the Koshai kingdom’s ancient capital. This is a great destination for a weekend break if you’re interested in learning more about Buddhist culture.

2. Ayodhya

The fact that Lord Rama was born in Ayodhya, is a well-liked travel destination for Hindus and followers of Lord Rama. Due to its political significance and religious significance, this location has gained attention during the past few decades. As soon as one enters this city and wanders around the many temples, mahals and ghats along the River Sarayu’s riverside, one can feel the city’s sacred atmosphere.

3. Allahabad

Allahabad, which is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, is now known as Prayagraj. This city is well-known for its spirituality and sacredness in Hinduism. Another well-known feature of this city is that it is where the Yamuna, Ganga and Saraswati rivers meet.

4. Chitrakoot

Chitrakoot is a holy town linked to the exile of Lord Rama, Sita and Lakshmana in the Ramayana. It is situated around 231 miles from Lucknow. Numerous spiritual sites across the town, including Ramghat, Bharat Milap Temple and Kamadgiri Hill, provide pilgrims and historians with peaceful surroundings as well as a chance to dig into long-forgotten legends and religious stories.

5. Varanasi

Approximately 320 kilometres from Lucknow, Varanasi is one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited towns and a revered pilgrimage site for Hindus. Varanasi, well-known for the ghats along the holy Ganges River, provides an understanding of Hindu traditions and customs as well as spiritual experiences and fascinating Ganga Aarti rituals.