5 best vegan-friendly places for vegetarian travellers

It can be difficult to travel as a vegetarian at times, particularly in nations where meat is a part of the food. But don’t worry! There are many locations worldwide that are ideal for vegetarian travellers. There are many wonderful vegetarian meals to be enjoyed in these places, ranging from vibrant cities to peaceful towns.

Here are 5 best vegan-friendly places for vegetarian travellers


1. Italy

Fresh produce is the main attraction of Italian restaurants. Crispy pizzas with ripe, juicy tomatoes on top. Aromatic truffles provide delicious flavour to meat-free risotto. Large, silky basil leaves provide a pop of green to caprese salads. Rainbow-coloured antipasti are made with roasted squash and peppers, as well as olives and are best enjoyed with a glass of Tuscan wine.

2. Jordan

If you enjoy mezze food, vegetarians can easily find delicious meals in Jordan. You can get crispy, bronze-coloured falafel almost anywhere in the Middle Eastern nation, and it’s usually served with fluffy pita, tomato slices and sprigs of mint.

3. Germany

Vegetarians are now considering Germany to be the best place in Europe. Throughout the city, there are a ton of restaurants and cafes that provide vegan and vegetarian food. Berlin offers delectable food for all tastes, whether you want vegetarian German food or something else entirely.

4. Taiwan

Taiwan is an excellent destination for vegetarian visitors. Its vibrant night markets and street food stalls offer a variety of vegetarian choices. You may eat delicious dumplings, noodle soups, excellent tofu dishes and fresh fruit juices.

5. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Ma is well-known for its delicious Thai cuisine and vegetarians can find lots of choices here. You may eat aromatic curries, stir-fried vegetables, fragrant rice dishes, and spicy salads. This place’s food is ideal for vegetarians seeking authentic Thai tastes.