5 beautiful monsoon road trips in India that every traveller must take

India has a lot to offer bikers, including some of the best roads for thrilling road trips. The monsoons are the cherry on top of these road trips, completely changing the scenery. Monsoon give them a greener color and covers them with misty clouds, turning the mountains, waterfalls and beautiful valleys into a dreamlike landscape.

Here are 5 beautiful monsoon road trips in India that every traveller must take


1. Manali to Leh

This is the most popular route. Since Leh is a watershed region, the path is quite calm given India’s harsh monsoons. On this journey be ready to be transported into a fantastic world. Your breath will be taken away by the unspoiled landscape, high mountains and breathtaking waterfalls.

2. Bangalore to Coorg

The road trip to Coorg, popularly known as the Scotland of India, will provide you with yet another fascinating experience. When you travel, you will come across plantations of ginger, peppercorn and coffee on both sides of the road. The beauty of your surroundings, especially during the monsoon season, will astound you.

3. Mumbai to Malshej

Blessed with magnificent waterfalls and ancient forts, Malshej is a well-liked weekend escape destination. Visit here in the monsoon season when the rains amazingly change the region, revealing the picturesque surroundings and breathtaking vistas.

4. Darjeeling to Gangtok

Even though it’s only a small journey of roughly 100 kilometres, you and your friends will have one of the best road trips ever and make plenty of priceless memories along the way. Of course, you will have the Kanchenjunga as your backdrop while travelling, which is an extra bonus.

5. Mumbai to Goa

The journey from Mumbai to Goa is perhaps one of the most enjoyable in India, offering plenty of amazing views to keep you amused. The roads are covered in a mist enhancing the area’s charm. Take pit stops at food places on the road to taste the local cuisine while keeping the party mood alive in Goa.