4 destinations that every fan of Viking should visit

Vikings were renowned for their great shipbuilding skills, strong fighting ability and long-distance sea adventures, making them one of history’s most fascinating cultures. Their amazing journeys over the Atlantic and Mediterranean seas to North America, the Middle East and even Central Asia were accomplished with great success. Furthermore, the success of many TV series on Vikings has increased people’s interest in learning more about their history and culture.

Here are 4 destinations that every fan of Viking should visit


1. Iceland

Leif Erikson, one of the greatest Vikings in history, stayed in Iceland. He is said to have been the first European to explore North America, arriving hundreds of years before Christopher Columbus. When you’re here, pay a visit to the Viking World Museum, which features The Icelander Ship, a replica of the renowned Gokstad ship found in Norway in 1882.

2. Ireland

The Vikings raided Irish monasteries and affected several of Ireland’s towns, including Dublin and Cork. Waterford, Ireland’s oldest city, includes a ‘Viking Triangle’ region where travellers may see remains of the Viking era

3. Lofoten islands

The Lofoten Viking Museum is located on Vestvågøya Island in Norway. On this island, in 1983, archaeologists discovered the home of a Viking chieftain. Later, this house was transformed into a museum that was named the 2013 European Museum of the Year.

4. Scotland

One of the most beautiful places where you can find Viking remains in Scotland. They established themselves in the Western Isles, according to historical documents and their impact can still be seen today in several locations. You’ll be surprised to learn that Stornoway, a Western Isle town, was founded by Vikings and there are several examples of Viking ancestry across Scotland.