10 physical and mental health benefits of Wildlife safari in India


All over the world, nature is loved but we Indians are very famous for our closeness to nature. And we can all attest to the positive effects of being in nature. We have long been aware of it. We find comfort in the noises of the forest, the aroma of the trees, the sunshine filtering through the leaves, and the crisp, clean air. They reduce our anxiety and tension and enable us to unwind and think more clearly. Being in nature may improve our mood, give us more vigor and energy, and refresh us. What if the unwinding in nature can be peaceful yet adventurous? What if you go on a Wildlife Safari in India. The comfort and aroma just come to life when mixed with adventure.

Shinrin-yoku, often known as forest bathing, is a popular practice in Japan. In Japanese, shinrin and yoku both denote “baths.” Shinrin-yoku then refers to immersing oneself in the forest’s environment or experiencing the forest via one’s senses.

This is not a workout, a hike, or a jog. It is just being in nature and interacting with it with our five senses of sight, sound, taste, and smell. A bridge is like Shinrin-yoku. It reduces the distance between us and the natural world by stimulating our senses. It shows that mere exposure to nature can do wonders for our health.

Nature and wildlife tours India has the power to momentarily take us away from our busy, time-driven schedules, everyday obligations, and family and work demands and place us in a place where time is our own and where it is possible to reconnect and bring our mental well-being back to a state of equilibrium. Hence, nature and animals have healing and sustaining qualities that go beyond simple aesthetics, both in our rural areas and in our cities.

Since the Indian government in recent times has started acknowledging the importance of nature for our health more, the number of national parks and wildlife reserves has increased a lot. And to give closer exposure to nature and wildlife to humans, Wildlife safari in India or wildlife tours especially the Tiger tours in India have become very effective and popular. But yet many people don’t go for safaris as they see it more as a vacation and not a physical and mental healing process.

Wildlife Safari in India will not only give an amazing experience to your adventurous heart but also many other physical and mental health benefits that can amaze you. So here we have mentioned ten powerful benefits of Wildlife Tours India that will make you even more excited for your next Tiger Tours in India.

10 benefits of going on a wildlife Safari in India that you probably didn’t know about.

Boosts testosterone: Jungle safaris, whether on foot or in a vehicle, keep you in close proximity to wildlife, around which your body naturally starts producing more testosterone and adrenaline because we are close to animals especially when you go for Tiger tours in India that require the fight or flight response.

Lesser stress levels and more peace: Being very close to the natural environment, away from the mechanical monotonous life of cities, is beautiful. The silence and purity of nature reduce stress levels to a great extent making you a lot more peaceful.

Stronger healthier lungs: Being not so immensely touched by humans’ polluted hands, Wildlife Safari zones specially  have very pure air that heals and replenishes the lungs and respiratory system. So regular Tiger tours in India is a very good idea for your health. One great option is us as Pugdundee Safari we had a great experience with them.

Vitamin D: In cities, you often spend most of your time in a cool air-conditioned environment that makes your body miss the vitamin D and makes your muscles and bones weaker.


In Wildlife tours in India, you can get an adequate amount of exposure to sunlight in the most natural habitat possible as India falls in the tropical region. And thus more vitamin D which further results in stronger bones and muscles.

Improved mental health: Being in nature has proved to have a positive effect on mental health, thereby helping to reduce anxiety and depression, and boost cognitive function. That means by coming to the Tiger tours in India, you can become smart like tigers as they can make very strategic plans to avenge their enemies.

Connection with nature: Being in the midst of wildlife and natural landscapes can help people develop a deeper connection with nature, which undeniably has a positive impact on overall well-being.

Improved cardiovascular health: Wildlife tours India usually require physical activity such as walking or hiking, which can help improve cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, and reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Stronger immune system: Being exposed to natural surroundings and experiencing new environments can help the body build a stronger immune system by exposing it to healthy bacteria and other elements.

Reduced inflammation and pain: Studies have shown that exposure to nature can help reduce inflammation and pain in the body, reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

Weight loss and muscle building: Wildlife safari in India require physical activity such as hiking, which can help burn calories and promote weight loss.


Overall, going on Wildlife tours India; especially the tiger tours in India can be an excellent way to improve physical and mental health even by mere exposure and not engaging in physical activity.

There are many Wildlife safari operators which can help you in planning a wildlife safari like Pugdundee Safari. They  provides an extraordinary experience of a lifetime that is adventurous yet peaceful and comes with a plus point of all the health benefits.

Breathing fresh air, exposing oneself to healthy bacteria, less chronic diseases, weight loss, muscle building, and many more benefits. So what are you thinking now? Go ahead plan your next Safari with your loved ones.