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10 Best beaches in the world for every beach lover


The most modern and staple form of tourism is beach tourism. It attracts people from all around the world. People who love beaches are always in search of famous beaches, under-explored beaches, underrated beaches, secluded beaches, etc. The beach-bums need no reason to go to the beach, however, if you look for more reasons then there ain’t one, instead, there are many. Makeshift cafes, shacks, ambiance, vibe, nature, sand, sea, and so on. So, for all the people who are constantly growing for such striking locations, we have a surprise.

Here is the list of 10 best beaches in the world that every beach-lover will fall in love with:


Grace Bay -Turks and Caicos Islands



It is voted to be the best beach in the world by visitors to beaches. Why it wouldn’t be the best. It has turquoise blue waters and shining white sands. The recipient of many designations, Grace Bay currently holds the position of World Travel Awards’ World’s Leading Beach Destination. This pristine beach indeed is must visit if you keep looking for such wonderful destinations to add in your travel list.

Praia do Sancho – Brazil



This beach is consistently topping the list of best beaches in the world. It is located on a small island off Brazil, Fernando de Noronha. It also falls under the UNESCO World Heritage Site, which may make you pay a little more as environmental tax also adds up to it. It is also a part of the national park of Fernando de Noronha. So, pay a visit as it is one of the best beaches and why not to visit it then?

Camps Bay Beach – South Africa


It is the largest white sand beach in the Camps Bay, so you can expect a lot of tourists visiting this beach for a fun and relaxing vacation. The beach is opposite Camps Bay’s main tourist hub, featuring multiple hotels, restaurants, and shops. It is on the list of best beaches in the world, every beach-bum should definitely check this out.

White Heaven Beach- Australia


Spanning across 4.4 miles, this white-sand beach bags its spot on this list. This white sand has its own features, it is made up of 98% silica, which gives a luminescent color to it. This is what makes this beach one of the popular beaches in the world.

Tulum Beach – Mexico


Do you know about the beauty of Mayan ruins in Mexico? Just a little distance away from this striking piece of art is another masterpiece of nature, the Tulum Beach. It is known to be one of the world’s best cultural destinations. it is not secluded if you are a fan of private beaches, it does have a number of tourists flying in every day.

Hiriketiya – Sri Lanka


This beach is the perfect example of the best of both worlds. Here the jungle meets the sea and the scene is just magical. It is less sandy and a small beach as compared to all the other beaches on this list, however, it has a beauty like no other beach.

Al Mughsail Beach – Oman


Limestone cliffs, unbroken miles, turquoise water, parched frankincense trees, and many more such elements make it one of the best beaches in the world. You can enjoy the Omani sunset and a picturesque view.

Long Beach – Canada


Another beach with a tropical look is Long Beach in Canada. The lush green stretch and the blue waters make it a picture-worthy location. There is also Pacific Rim National Park Reserve between Tofino and Ucluelet nearby to pay a visit.

Maya Bay Beach – Thailand


It looks like there are more heavy green beaches on this list. It is surrounded by tall limestone walls and lush green mangroves, and a small white sand ring, and clear water, sounds perfect, right? You can also enjoy the view of colorful coral reefs and fishes.

Ora Beach – Indonesia


image credit: nonanomad.com

So, another secluded beach located far off on a sparsely populated Serum Island of Indonesia is Ora Beach. It is often called a Maldive Beach due to its look and sugar beach, but it does have a dramatic touch of wildlife to it.

Honopu Beach – Hawaii


The only way you can reach this amazing is the beach by swimming a half mile with fins on from a distant beach. You need to jump offshore a boat. Do you think it is worth it? It has a colored cliff and smooth sand and a picture-perfect view. It does seem worth it, isn’t it?

This was the best beaches in the world that will take your breath away with the amount of beauty they have to offer. Have a look and pick a beach for your beachy vacation.