Six variations of Baccarat you must try


Baccarat is a card game involving two or three cards. It’s a game of chance, meaning there isn’t a strategy involved. There are various baccarat games online, each with varying rules. Familiarizing yourself with these variations enables you to pick the right choice to make the most of your bets when playing baccarat. Baccarat offers multiple variations that players can enjoy. Here are six variations of baccarat you must try.

Punto Banco

Punto Banco is a popular baccarat variant in British, Australian, and American casinos. Like in blackjack tables, Punto Banco players bet against the dealer. In this game, a player should try building a hand whose value is as close to nine as possible and bigger than the banker’s hand before exceeding nine or going bust. The Punto banco card values are similar to classic baccarat.

The Aces value is one point while the face cards’ worth is zero. The remaining cards are offered face values. Players in the Punto banco card game can bet the player (Punto), the bank (Banco), or tie (Egalite). A winning Punto bet pays 1:1, while the Banco one pays 95:100, with a five percent commission reduced to the house. A winning Egalite bet pays 8:1.

Dragon tiger

Dragon tiger is an excellent baccarat variant for new players because it’s simplified. It’s a two-card baccarat variation, where one of the cards is dealt to the Dragon and the other to the Tiger. The decision on who should get the most valued card between the Tiger and the Dragon is entirely up to you.

Dragon tiger winning bets pay 1:1 odds, with a 3.73% house edge. A tie bet pays at odds of 8:1, with the wager carrying a 32.77% house edge. You can place extra side bets on a suited tie’s likelihood at 50:1 odds or if the card is worth under or over seven. There are a few dragon tiger winning tips you can apply to maximize your winning chances.

Baccarat Banque

Baccarat Banque is another preferred baccarat variant and is a popular option for the Chemin de Fer game. It has a distinctive feature involving selecting the dealer at the start of every round. This characteristic sets this game apart from Chemin de Fer. The dealer is usually the first player to enter the game or the gamer with the highest stake. In the Baccarat Banque, players don’t play against each other. However, they play in turns to build a hand to defeat the banker.

Lightning baccarat

Lightning baccarat, a live casino game, combines the traditional online baccarat and multiplier functionality. Before each game round, one to five cards are indiscriminately drawn from a 52-card deck. All the drawn cards become lightning cards and are given a multiplier of 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, or 8X. Upon winning on any card, the multiplier applies to your pay out. Nevertheless, a 20% fee is applied to every player’s total stake to fund the game.

Chemin de Fer

The Chemin de Fer baccarat variant is one of the oldest recorded versions of this classic card game. It’s a famous baccarat variation featured in classic James Bond movies, with players betting against one another instead of bankers. They alternate being the designated banker clockwise to the dealer’s right. The banker places a bet on the table before every hand is dealt, and each player can decide to call Banco by placing a different bet or going all in against the banker. If several players call Banco, the player to the banker’s right is marked the Banco prime.

However, if none of the players call and their option bets don’t cover the banker’s initial wager, then the players viewing the action should meet the bets. If the player bets’ value exceeds the banker’s initial or original wager, the bank should eliminate its excess wagers or increase the original bet. Where the players’ totals are more significant than the banker’s after every card is drawn, the players are paid at an odd of 1:1. If there’s a tie, the bets remain on the table for the following hand.

Mini Baccarat

The mini baccarat is a low-stakes option of baccarat. It’s an excellent alternative for recreation baccarat gamers with tight budgets. The game is usually played on a smaller table and at a quicker speed.

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