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10 best tips to better help you monitor your partner

Wanting to monitor your wife starts with insecurities to make sure she is safe. There are the apparent reasons for infidelity checks, but other dangers also lurk. She may also not be who she claims to be or be in danger of needing your rescue.

All the factors that may lead to problematic encounters come into play. The best part is that you can sort them out if you know how to monitor her moves and activities. While having that CCTV is another whole expense, it may also not view her in every place.


That is why phone monitoring applications are available. We will show ten of them that you can use to get mobile activities. If you don’t want to be noticed, the issue is covered in most of what we will be reviewing.

Part 1: Spyier – The Best Monitoring Application

Knowing where your wife is and what she is doing can start by checking on her phone. It’s dangerous to keep looking at it when she puts it down. It’s also time-wasting. So, to counter that, you can find at least five minutes to set up Spyier on her phone.

This is an application that applies to both Android and iOS devices. The reason for a quick setup is due to the absence of rooting or jailbreaking. Those are techniques that will alter your wife’s phone, and she will notice something if off later.

That is why they are excluded in the Spyier setup. Spyier has a few qualities to make sure you are never noticed as you monitor the phone activities. First, it has the stealth mode to hide the app’s icon.

It’s a feature that helps the app to work in the background without being visible. That way, your wife will not wonder about the new installation. Next, everything you need to view will be shown to you remotely. That means you will never need her phone after the initial set up.

To get started, all you need is to follow the instructions given under the Android or iOS realms. Spyier works with Android 4.0 and above or iOS 7.0 or later. In Android, there will be a one-time installation and stealth mode activation.

For iOS, the setup proceedings are online since it uses the iCloud ID to monitor the device. Once you complete the setup, Spyier can help you access the information anywhere. All you need are your account credentials and an internet connection.

The control panel with the results will show you everything, and it’s also compatible with all browsers. It will have reports about the calls, SMSs, location, Geofencing, social media, etc. There are over 35 features on the dashboard for you to peruse.

That means it will leave very little information on the phone, if any. You can check the main website to learn about the rest. With Spyier, the information from your wife’s phone is synced when you log into your account.

That means there is nothing stored in the app’s cloud when you leave.

How to Monitor Your Wife Using Spyier

Step 1: Visit the Spyier website and subscribe to one of the plans. The one you choose should be under Android or iOS, depending on what your wife uses. Enter your email in the popup that comes by, and then wait for the confirmation page.

Step 2: You will get your login details and a button to aid you in commencing the monitoring process. When you click on it, you will be taken to a setup wizard.

Step 3: In Android, use the setup procedure’s link to install Spyier on our wife’s phone. Activate the stealth mode, finish the installation, and click on the ‘Start’ button to proceed to the dashboard.

Step 4: For iOS, choose the ‘iOS’ icon in the wizard, and then input your wife’s iCloud credentials. After, click on the Start button to wind up.

Step 5: You will get a dashboard with the whole phone’s summary. The features will be on the left menu.

To see what she is doing, use the menu links to view the fetched data.

Part 2: Minspy

Minspy will also let you know everything your wife is doing on the phone. It works with Android 4.0 and above and iOS 7.0 or later. Rooting and jailbreaking are not permitted. After the setup, you will get the results in your remote account.

Part 3: Spyine

If you want an app with complete stealth mode, the Spyine is another better choice. Your wife will never know about it while you spy on the activities online. Some of the features include calls, SMSs, browsing history, photos, and videos.

Part 4: Spyic

This is a veteran application that millions of people have used across the globe. Therefore, Spyic will not disappoint you when it’s time to monitor your wife secretly. It also works with Android and iOS devices without rooting or jailbreaking.

Part 5: Neatspy

Neatspy also needs five minutes at most to use it on your wife’s device. Later, you get everything remotely and in real-time. The control panel works with all browsers. That means you only need an internet connection to check on the updates.

Part 6: Cocospy

Another of the earliest apps to monitor both Android and iOS devices is the Cocospy solution. It’s applicable on Android 4.0 and above and iOS 7.0 or later. You get more than 30 features on the web portal to tell you what your wife is up to.

Part 7: FoneMonitor

If you want a solution that doesn’t demand phone alteration, then try out FoneMonitor. It will be silent all through, too, thanks to the stealth mode feature. If you want to view what your wife is doing, that will be via the dashboard in your online account.

Part 8: Spyzie

Spyzie also offers you a chance to monitor your wife while away from her. If she is out for that business trip, but you are not sure, it will let you know. All you need is to set it up once on her phone. Spyzie works with both Android and iOS devices.

Part 9: Spyera

With Spyera, you can know who your wife is calling, texting, or chatting with via social apps. You can even use it to take screenshots remotely. The monitoring happens online, and it applies to both Android and iOS. Rooting or jailbreaking may be necessary, though.

Part 10: Appmia

Lastly, you can use Appmia to get you all her phone activities without her knowing. After the setup, the solution will fetch everything you need and avail it to your online account. All you need is a one-time setup and relax for the results to kick in.


Are the ten tips to better help you monitor your wife useful? There are millions out there who will vouch for these applications. So, it’s a matter of choosing a suitable one and letting it do the job for you.

If you are still not sure, start with Spyier and see how it goes.

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