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Nikon Digital Camera Z 30 price drops with a 21% discount; Check out deal


The price of the Nikon Digital Camera Z 30 has been reduced from Rs. 73,495  to Rs. 57,700. This fantastic offer on a Nikon camera is announced by Amazon.

Amazon is now offering a 21% discount on this camera, bringing the price down from Rs. 73,495  to Rs. 57,700. Amazon is also providing great bank offers on this camera.

Nikon Digital Camera Z 30 key specs 

For clear, high-resolution video, UHD 4K recording at up to 30p is available. Slow-motion playback is also possible with Full HD 120p recording. The Z30’s versatile 20.9MP resolution suits stills need, making it an amazing tool for taking stills during productions or snapping higher-quality thumbnails and promotional photos.


The Z30 is designed specifically for vlogging and content creation, and it has a number of physical touches and operating capabilities that are perfect for creators. ; A hybrid autofocus system uses both phase-detection and contrast-detection methods to acquire focus quickly and accurately acquire focus for both stills and video applications.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity work with the Snapbridge app for mobile devices, allowing for remote camera operation as well as wireless transferring of photos and videos to your cell phone or tablet.Photo Sensor Technology: Cmos

The Nikon Z30 uses the same Z mount as the rest of the Z series cameras, which means it can use full-frame (FX) or APS-C (DX) lenses. Nikon’s DX lenses are particularly built for APS-C cameras, thus they are smaller and lighter.


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