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Why turning off Glance in MI could result in missed shopping opportunities

Easy shopping with Glance Lock screen : Turn off Glance in Mi and you will miss the latest fashion trends.

Is shopping something you live for? And it’s difficult to choose from the sea of shopping apps. Glance is here to rescue you! It is the first-ever India-based lock screen technology that takes care of you, the shopping enthusiasts! How cool is it? All you have to do is press the power button, scroll, shop, and DONE! Isn’t Glance just amazing? But, that’s not all. There are more perks to Glance as well as shopping with Glance!

One thing is for sure, turning off Glance is going to cost you a lot of shopping updates. And we don’t want that! That’s why we have come up with this article to familiarize you with Glance on MI and its benefits. And don’t you worry, we’ll not ditch you with just this much, there’s more! For those of you with curious questions like- How to turn off Glance in MI? We have got you! There’s a little something for everyone! Keep reading and you’ll have your heart’s desire!

Glance Lock Screen: Not a mere wallpaper App

We understand that you are tired of another wallpaper app overselling itself, but, Glance smart lock screen, isn’t an app! Yes you heard that right, it’s not just another cog in the wheel of wallpapers. Instead, it’s the difference that it brings to your experience of your MI smartphone’s lock screens! Add to it the other smartphones like- Vivo, Realme, Samsung, etc., too! Altogether this revolutionary technology used by 270 million active users, is here to stay. Not only Glance aims to change the gaming experience, but also, the shopping, entertainment, news, and much more!

Now let’s see what’s special about shopping with Glance. Shall we?

Glance a revolution in the shopping world

If you are a shopping enthusiast then it’s time you learn about the Glance lock screen and how it has rocked the shopping world. When online shopping comes to your mind, what is the first thought? Most probably, you thought of the e-commerce app you’ll explore. Right? But, how’d you like it if these apps were out of the way? You’ll like it, won’t you? This is what Glance brings you! It gets you the cart and shopping items, at the comfort of your smartphone’s lock screen! With Roposo, Glance presents you with the most sought shopping experience. Keep reading for more on Glance and shopping!

Shop on Glance: What’s available?

If what’s available on Glance in relation to shopping is your question, you are in for a BIG answer. But, we’ll make it easier for you! If you go through the points below, you’ll know all about shopping on the Glance lock screen:

  • You get discounts, right at your lock screen. So, you no longer have to worry about searching for the right deal on a plethora of e-commerce apps and sites.
  • The shopping items available are optimized to your liking, courtesy of Glace keeping a check of your preferences.
  • Glance has every kind of item available on its online shopping window. Thus, you can buy anything from a safety pin to a smartphone, and much more. Also, every brand’s item, at the best discounted price is present on Glance!

Shop without download: What’s that?

Yes, shopping without downloading is the best part about shopping with a Glance lock screen. WHY? Because you can save four things at a time. Have any guesses? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! You save your time, money, phone data, and storage. It’s because Glance brings you the shopping items on your lock screens. Then, these items are already available at a discount. Lastly, you don’t have to download any of the shopping apps, thus saving you both your data and storage!

Is Glance only a good shopping platform?

No. Glance as a shopping platform is only one spectrum of the wide range of features that Glance provides on your smart lock screen. Apart from shopping you can also enjoy beautiful wallpapers, and interesting facts about those wallpapers. With it, the Glance lock screen on your smartphone also has gaming, live-streaming, and various updates on the news, sports, fashion, lifestyle, etc. So, what you thought is all about, isn’t even the start of this in-built technology on your Samsung, MI, Realme, and Redmi smartphones. Now, let us dive a little deeper into various features on your lock screen with Glance in the sub-headings below!

Updates optimized to your liking

If you are curious to know about new updates in the field of your interest, you have to worry no more! Glance brings to you updates on news, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, health, science, and technology, customized to your liking!

Games that’ll quench the gamer in you

Glance is readily available to serve the gamer in you! No matter your liking, you can choose just the right game from the 500+ games available on Glance. There are around 19 gaming categories that are available on Glance. These include the arcades, puzzles, etc.  Along with this, there is also Nostra, a live-streaming platform for gamers. You can go ahead and flaunt yours or appreciate someone’s gaming there. It’s made more attractive with the availability of quizzes, polls, and live chatting.

Glance: Some interesting facts

Some very interesting facts about Glance are:

  • Glance is also available in different regional languages like Tamil, Marathi, etc.
  • You get to witness live sessions with your favorite stars like- Rana Daggubati, Kareena Kapoor, and many more!
  • The monthly number of users on the Nostra live-streaming platform by Glance has reached 75 million.

Let’s Learn: How to turn on/off Glance in MI?

We believe in serving all our Glance lock screen users. This includes catering to every query you have! With users increasingly getting used to the features of Glance, it’s only right for them to learn its functionalities.

If you also wish to know how to remove Glance from your MI phone, then simply follow the next few steps.

  • Go to Settings
  • Lock screen
  • Glance for Mi
  • Turn OFF