Fastrack Reflex Beat+: Amazon offers 1.69" smartwatch at 52% discount; Check out the deal | Business Upturn

Fastrack Reflex Beat+: Amazon offers 1.69″ smartwatch at 52% discount; Check out the deal

Fastrack Reflex Beat+ is available at Amazon with some amazing deals to check out.


Fastrack Reflex Beat+ is available on Amazon with heavy discount of 52%. The smartwatch with MRP of Rs. 3,495 is available for just Rs. 1,695. The e-commerce site also offers further offers such as EMI and Bank Offers for selective bank cards.

Specifications about Fastrack Reflex Beat+

The smartwatch has display of 1.69″ with UltraVU with bright pixel resolution and variety of colours such as beige, black-rose gold, invisible black, olive green, and wine red.


The Beat+ smartwatch has in-built 60 sports mode which can track your fitness level. It also tracks the record of your health as the functions include tracking heart rate 24 x 7 and blood oxygen level.

The smartwatch can also track your sleep schedule, which provides you insight on how good you sleep after your tiring day.

Connecting the Beat+ with your phone can enable you to control various functions of phone from wrist watch such as music. This allows you to workout with your music vibes and no hassle.


Moreover, the camera can be controlled by the in-app camera from your Reflex Beat+.

The smartwatch will also remind you of your meetings, appointments and parties, with notification. The alert on your watch can wake you up.

Fastrack Reflex Beat + is a user-friendly, easy to use UI, smartwatch. You can download and install the app from Google Play or App Store to take a smart step towards fitness

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