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AmazonBasic 564 L refrigerator available at heavy discount of 46% for limited time offer; Check out the deal

AmazonBasic 564 L refrigerator has slashed its price by almost half.


AmazonBasic 564 L refrigerator is available at almost half price. The product has been listed at discount of 46% which brings the MRP down from Rs. 53,490 to Rs. 98,999. The e-commerce site also offers EMI options on selective bank cards.

Specification about AmazonBasic 564 liter refrigerator:

Auto Defrost: The features stops the refrigerator from freezing ice on its own. It also has a water dispenser for hot summers.


564 L capacity: The capacity have been proved to be comfortable for 5 more family members. The side-by-side refrigerator has freezer on its left and regular fridge on its right.

Multi airflow system: This feature ensures smooth airflow into the storage compartments for uniform cooling. It is expected to have Energy Efficient Digital Inverter Compressor technology for silent operation (43 db sound) and high durability Voltage Range of Compressor : 220 colts to 240 volts.

Variable Temperature Setting: The temperature can be set according to the usage which makes it convenient to use. The freezer operates at -14 to -24 degree Celsuis with a capacity of 217L and the main refrigerator unit operated at 2 to 8 degrees with a capacity of 347L.


The quick freeze feature enables water freezing into ice instantly and the quick cool feature will help the food stay fresh longer.

Ease Control: The electronic panel makes it quite easy to operate and control the features and maintain the temperature inside the refrigerator.

It has freezer capacity of 217, fresh food capacity of 347; Shelf type is ‘toughened glass’ and pattern name is ‘solid’.

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