Top 5 home decor ideas for Christmas 2021

Ultimately, the charm of Christmas decor is that it is not rule-bound, it can be as inexpensive or lavish as you wish — but there is still space to enhance your artistic skills in interior decor without feeding into opulence, making it approachable to everyone!

The prospect of decking up your place with decorations and festive ornaments ahead of Christmas is a long-standing tradition all look forward to. After all, it makes the perfect opportunity to flaunt your creative side and aesthetic eye to the myriad of guests that seem to come pouring in during the festival. 

Even with the absence of guests to please, though, Christmas decor just has a grace unlike no other. It is the decor that sets the tone for the forthcoming holidays — brightening up a dull and sombre looking place to bring in a festive cheer and with it livening up the joyful spirit amongst the people enveloped by it. Good Christmas decor, then, becomes a quintessential element of every Christmas celebration. 


While turning your abode into a winter wonderland alike to the ones shown in classic holiday movies may not be up to everyone’s alley, this is not to say that you cannot have fun with the never-ending expanse of striking decoration items that draw the passerby’s attention at all the markets. Ultimately, the charm of Christmas decor is that it is not rule-bound, it can be as inexpensive or lavish as you wish — but there is still space to enhance your artistic skills in interior decor without feeding into opulence.


Here are 6 different home decor ideas to freshen up your Christmas celebration this year: 


  1. Minimalist is best
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Minimalism is in vogue these days so what’s better than to bring it to your Christmas celebration this year?

 If you’re someone who does not have time to deal with an expensive and towering Christmas tree, or if you’re celebrating Christmas on a tight budget, then taking the minimalist route as the theme for your room decor journey is the best way to accomplish it without losing out on the experience! 

Swap out your regular Christmas tree for a miniature tabletop edition, which is easier to manage and also quite eco-friendly. Use small tea lights to adorn your window sills and countertops, and decorate the place by hanging tiny stars and ornaments from the ceiling. You can even DIY rustic wall hangings for an extra punch! Really, the possibilities are endless here.


    2. Lights, Lights, and Lights! 

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Christmas doesn’t feel like a festival until every street corner is lit up with twinkling lights and lanterns. It wouldn’t do if only the outside was lit up though, so using lights to decorate your space is the easiest trick up your sleeve to elevate the look of a room with the snap of a finger! 

There are tons of lighting fixtures available in the markets during the holiday season, from minimalist fairy lights to lavish ornaments. The key here is to always choose lights based on the theme you set for the room. 

Fairy lights and stars work best for the bedrooms while massive ornaments are more suited to living room areas where you’re most likely to attend to your guests. Lanterns make a particularly elegant addition to any room. Making use of warm-toned lights will surely give your place a muted dreamlike ambience straight out of a movie scene.

    3. Table Decor

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The dining table is the centre of attention during every Christmas party. With all the guests flocking towards it for food, it is only natural that you pay special attention to the table decor to enhance the dining experience for everyone. 

Often an underrated and forgotten decor idea, decorating your dining table with the appropriate colour coordinated cutlery, keeping in mind the place setting, and using a show-stopping centrepiece to put in the middle of the table makes a big difference to the overall aesthetic of a room. 

With a table set with snow-white or silver cutlery paired with gold accented place setting, adorned with Christmas staples such as pine cones, mistletoe, and mint, and old glass bottles filled with string lights acting as a centrepiece which looks both quirky and festive, even the simplest of dinners will look like an Instagram worthy feast. 


     4. A pop of colour

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A complimentary and coordinated colour palette is essential to making any room look picture-worthy at first sight. 

With the designated colours of Christmas being Red, Green, Gold, Silver, and White, it is a no-brainer to include it as one of the first steps when redecorating your place to fit the Christmas theme. 

Make plenty of use of red, as it is vibrant and known to evoke cheerful emotions in people. Throwing in a red coloured rug on the floor or blanket on your couch is the easiest way to include it in the decor. A huge Christmas tree could be the pop of green you’re looking for! Or hang up herbs like mint and mistletoe from the ceiling. Silver and gold can be included through the festive ornaments, tinsel, and ambient lights. The only rule here is to make it as colourful as you wish! 


    5. A merry Christmas tree

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If you’re all for grand gestures, getting a real Christmas tree to decorate your living room this Christmas season is the way to go! 

While not the most inexpensive option, the presence of a Christmas tree, no matter the size, will instantly put everyone in a festive mood. After all, nothing embodies the spirit of Christmas like a Xmas tree. 

There’s no limit to the options you could use to decorate the tree either. One can easily find tons of new and innovative Christmas decorations at decor stores every year. But you can go one step further to add a personal touch to the decorations and make them even more special. 

Ornaments showing off family pictures, handmade hanging decorations, and hand-painted wooden and glass baubles will elevate your tree and give it real character. Topping it all off with a big ornamental star will only be like putting a cherry on top!