Sustainable Living: a long term work from home module will reduce carbon emission

Due to the significant reduction in the carbon footprints, multiple organizations are perhaps opting to the long- term ‘work from home’ module for their employees. As per the statistics, the carbon emissions have been reduced to 17% from March till June 2020 in India itself during the Covid-19 lockdown as it eventually decreased the air pollution generated due to the day to day travel.

The recent pandemic crisis has enabled the world to consciously recognize the need of the hour – Sustainable Living.


Google sources indicate that on April 20th (Earth Day) the search for “how to live a sustainable life” increased by significantly to 4.550%. Also, human society is gradually becoming more sensitive and cautious towards their everyday lifestyle choices, therefore, they are switching to an alternate healthier way of living and green energy products. Everyday practices such as purchasing recycled products, recycling and composting, etc will significantly reduce carbon emission and improve the quality of the environment.

Nevertheless, it is imperative that we recognize the need of an hour and contribute our bit to further cure the quality of our environment that has been a victim of extensive malpractices due to which it has caused its massive degradation- eventually extremely fatal to human life.