10 Modern and trendy decoration ideas for home

While decorating your home, it can be a daunting task to put all the pieces together to make an arrangement that is harmonious and at the same time desirable. The paint colors for the walls, the type of home furniture and accessories you already have and what you need, and how to organize and accessorize, are the factors that must be taken into consideration. But the first thing is to figure out what your decorating style is. Knowing this gives you hints to help you decide about furniture, paint colors, flooring, window curtains, and accessories along the decor route. The following tips will provide you with ideas on how to decorate your home in a modern and trendy way.

1. Keep It Simple


‘Simplicity’ is the one word, that describes contemporary design best, and you need to make sure you integrate it into your home. There’s no reason for a space to have only four walls and a chair to sit. We’re not going to the extreme, but you’re going to want to keep it as straightforward as possible. Studies have shown that clutter in your life can contribute to stress, so keeping the decor simple can help relieve some of the stress that you feel. Gone are the days when modern means filling up your home with an expensive piece of furniture and antiques, competing with each other for attention. Of course, with its clean lines, neutral color palette, and geometric forms, ‘simple’ doesn’t mean bland at all. Instead, modern home decor can be warm, accommodating, and entirely stylish. But achieving modern home decor is not as straightforward as walking into a shop and selecting products with clean lines. It takes a little longer to do so and there are some basic principles that should be implemented into modern decor.

2. Consider the Functionality Aspect

Functionality is the second concept in modern home decor. With those clean lines and minimal artwork and accessories, not only should your rooms be simple, but they should also be practical. This varies widely from room to room, but it should be easy to navigate and use different things when you go into a room. So for example, a kitchen that is built with modern decor in mind should have enough workspace and it should be easy to access anything.

3. Arranging the Art

Art can be a great ice breaker since it carries with itself many perceptions and interpretations. How a piece of art is viewed often speaks volumes about one’s thoughts and ideologies. Really a discussion about art is a perfect way to grasp compatibility. Empty walls are a sign of unfinished space. This does not mean you need to fill every inch, but decorating the walls with art is necessary. It’s important to consider, but it doesn’t need to be expensive to get an appealing and modern look. What one person sees as art can be radically different from what someone else thinks. The best thing to do is to follow your intuition when it comes to what you want and what will be in your room. Any simple rules of what to hang and how to arrange should be understood, and then you can just follow your heart. What better way to do it than to add your favorite quotes, artwork, and framed photos? Mix different textures and sizes of frames. Have smaller ones for the shelf and the larger ones for the walls. If there is ample space, you can even convert it into a gallery wall. You can lend the living room a modern, classic, or hybrid look, depending on the type of art you choose.

4. Furniture Setup

A common problem that people have is, not knowing how to arrange the furniture in their home. More often than not, people drive a sofa or bed against one wall, a pair of chairs against another, and that is it. Arranging furniture, however, is something which needs preparation. There are important considerations, such as the selection of a focal point, the development of discussion zones, and the consideration of traffic flow. Place sofas and chairs close enough so that individuals can comfortably socialize. For comfort, accent tables should be within arm’s reach.

If you have a wide space, you can have more than one seating area. Note that even if your room is limited, it is important to move the furniture away from the wall for a more spacious look. Big pieces of furniture like sofas and beds are the core of every home, and all your attempts to decorate your living room cannot be enough if they are old or worn out.

Often people spend a lot on purchasing sofas, double beds, etc., but they find that it does not fit the look and feel of their room when they get it home. In this scenario, having the pieces that require heavy investment, such as a sofa or bed on rent, will be a reasonable choice. This can be a perfect option for you as you can choose from a wide selection of home furniture on rent that is available with the rental companies. Besides, you can always keep on updating them according to the latest trend.

5. Rugs and Curtains

Placing the area rugs can be a big challenge and it takes some practice to get them right. There are many reasons why it’s necessary to use them but before purchasing something simply because you like it, make sure you know all the rules to keep in mind regarding area rugs. For placing any rug, the size is the most significant consideration. It can make the whole room look disjointed if an area rug is too small, so make sure you know the right size for your room and the way your furniture is organized.

There should preferably be about 10 to 20 inches of bare floor between the edges of the rug area and the walls of the room. A certain kind of homeliness and comfort is added to your rooms by the addition of cushions, rugs, throws, and curtains. Mix and match different textures, colors, and prints when selecting your soft furnishings. Place a basket next to the shelf and place a few cushions or a blanket. Have a sheer curtain to let the light in throughout the day and a thicker one when you need to block out the sunshine.

Layer the rugs and curtains. For instance, if you are going for a Boho theme, you can place a large jute rug and layer it with another rug with lovely patterns. You have to be sure that an area rug stretches under all the main furniture in your rooms. You should have the front legs of wide upholstered pieces on the rug and the back legs off whenever it’s not possible. However, all the legs of the smaller pieces need to be on the rug.

6. Illumination and Lighting

A significant part of the decor in a house is lighting. It should include each of the three key styles of lighting: ambient, accent, and mission. Light sources should be mounted at different levels in the room. If you have a large room, you can divide the spaces by zones and have an individual reading corner. The fastest way to brighten up a spot and make it deserving of you and your friends is the installation of fairy lights.

You can add a curtain of fairy lights to thread it through the rack or use tiny copper lights. If you are not a fan of long strings of fairy lights, you can even put it into a mason jar to make it look like a mini lamp. This small addition is going to give the corner a dreamy feel. For instance, a living room has different functions, such as watching television, reading a book, being with friends and family.

For this area, you can therefore choose from a combination of floor lamps, table lamps, and suspension lamps. Consider overhead chandeliers, table, and floor lamps, or recessed lighting, and wall sconces. The dimmers are essential for bedrooms to change the mood and feel whenever required. They allow flexibility depending on the time of day, or mood, and they’re a great energy saver.

7. Create Open Spaces

If you want to go for modern decor, then having plenty of open spaces in your house is something you should consider. In certain homes that have closed rooms instead of an open interior, this might not be feasible.

However, by using color, fabrics, and furniture, you can create an illusion of open spaces. To give your rooms a spacious feeling, you can also have light-colored window curtains with an airy feel.

8. Do Not Forget the Measurements

While shopping, for decor or furnishing items, be it home furniture, rugs, or curtains, make sure you know their exact measurements and the size of the area where you want to have those items. No one can memorize it all, so getting the measurements handy is a good idea, so you can verify when appropriate. If you get the proportions wrong, replacing the items you’ve ordered for your home would be almost impossible. Another alternative is to order the furniture on rent for your home. This way, you can be confident that you don’t have to deal with it forever even if you get a piece that doesn’t work in the way you expected.

9. Shelf Decoration

You don’t have to buy new decorative pieces to decorate your shelf. All you need is to pick up the stuff that might already be lying around in your house and use it to decorate the shelf. Throw in a few books to fill up the shelves, put a few candles and those little boxes you’ve been hoarding because they were too nice to be dumped. Now is the ideal chance to put them to use. Showing your travel memorabilia or collectibles in your living room shelves can also be a good idea.

10. Color and Paint

It is necessary to choose the correct color of paint for your walls to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in your home. There are several color options that can spice up your home interior, ranging from rich hues of red to more neutral and earthly tones. The colors that you choose for your home should represent your personality. It can be vibrant and colorful to something more calming and soothing. The great thing about painting is that it’s affordable. Even if you’re on a budget, it’s something that you can do for yourself, making it a cost-effective option. One thing all of us struggle with is finding the right color of the paint. You can start by choosing the color that goes with the most expensive items in your room.
Decoration ideas are handy, but when determining what fits best in your living room and what is most enticing to your eye, you are ultimately the best judge. That is what counts the most. Ordering your furniture and home appliances on rent is a perfect way not only to save your hard-earned money but also to ensure that you can choose from both the classic as well as modern items for your home.