10 bohemian decor ideas- decorate your room the boho style

If you are looking for a perfect boho style decor to recreate your room, then here’s 10 bohemian decor ideas you must try

Bohemian style is the currently most loved and cherished form and style of art. Bohemian style is an expression of art including architectural, dance, musical, artistic, literary, or spiritual. It most often reminds us of a hippie and kind of gipsy fashion look. This expression of art is more about natural fabrics, retro patterns, neutrals and warm shades merge with 70s style accents and a flair for statement accessories. Boho chic look is the  most preferred style in terms of dressing, accessories or decoration of particular place. You might not be a big fan of boho style but the bohemian style home decor ideas will make you  fall for them.

Boho-decor room will give you a free-spirite, relaxing, chic and 1800s feel. These are full of unconventional artistic feel, colours and patterns. In case you are bored with the same textiles, floor, sheets and patterns and having a thought  to redecorate your room, then a boho decor will add sparkle and life to your regular looking room. Here’s top 10 boho-decor ideas to decorate your room in bohemian style.


Natural ambience

One of the major aspects of Bohemian style is that it is based on natural surroundings and ambience. You can hang small green plant pots in your balcony or in your windows, can put small green plant or fresh flower vas on your study table. It will add more nature and good air in your room.

Decorate using a theme colour

For a lively and fun boho-decor look, you have to put everything including bed sheets, curtains, pillows, frames and so on in similar colours. While you can use different shades of that one particular colour. For example if you use blue theme colour, then light blue, ocean blue, royal blue can be different shades you can use.

Suzanis textiles

For a perfect boho beach look, you can use boho style textiles. For example you can use Suzani headboard and Moroccan rugs for an authentic and vintage boho look.

Don’t be loud

Bohemian look is all about comfort and basics. An over accumulated and clumsy place with loud colours, patterns and too much stuff  will spoil the boho-decor. Try to keep it neutral and basic by  using less fancy things and more authentic and vintage stuff.

Bohemian Tent House

Many of us desire for a tent house at home and in our rooms. For people taking much interest in tracking and adventure, a boho tent room will be perfect. You can use floral printed  theme coloured curtains, stretched and hung from wooden rods, then attached to the walls and ceiling to create a fancy space.

Add more pillows

Floral printed or any boho chic style patterned and covered pillows will add a perfect boho decor to your room. Place many pillows, one after another and on piles for a boho style room.

Prints and patterns

In your room you can use different amazing prints and patterns to give a boho decor look. You can use sheepskin rug, whimsical prints, styling mirrors and eclectic furniture for a perfect authentic look.

Vintage Trunk

We always use a table by the side of  our bed which is held with all our essential stuffs including a glass of water, phone, alarm and so on. For a bohemian look, you can put a theme coloured vintage trunk to put all your treasures.

Eye-catching portraits

Boho decor look is incomplete without lots of wizard yet artistic portraits and frames. Use authentic and vintage big and small portraits and frames to design your room and walls in bohemian style.

Add Metal elements and accessories

Another important and most observed element in bohemian style is metal elements and accessories. You can add authentic and artistically designed metals and accessories to decor your room for a boho style look.