Know more about ‘boyfriend blush’ tik tok trend for a new makeup loo

A new makeup trend is sweeping TikTok, and it is all about the fresh and natural flushed look.

Referred to as “boyfriend blush,” the look is achieved when the blush is applied similarly to how one would flush post their partner’s fun joke. As is evident from the name, this “look” is supposed to imitate the effect of the partner’s presence on the other person and their skin, causing the natural blush to appear. It gives the appearance of a light flush across the cheeks collected from a fun and intimate moment with a significant other. The application is simple, with the cream or liquid blush used across the cheeks and slowly blended outwards, with this look reportedly much easier to apply for those that blush naturally.


The overwhelming popularity of videos on TikTok demonstrating this look through the use of step-by-step instructions and an actual partner application is primarily explainable by its effortlessness and seemingly natural appearance. It seems that, in comparison to sculpted and contoured medium-heavy makeup, which was the norm for the previous 10 years, this look appears much simpler and carelessly done. It is extremely popular among makeup artists, as it adds dimension and warmth to the face without being overly done. To provide an even more natural appearance when applying this look, the artists apply the blush after the activities, which would cause the natural human blush – a run, walk, or cuddle.

While it is an apparent “new” trend on TikTok, flushed and rosy cheeks have been a makeup staple for centuries. The first traces of a preference for the flushed look take place in the 1700s and persist as the main part of the makeup looks up to the end of the 20th century. Overall, it seems that finding that balance between trying and caring less can result in a timeless makeup look.