Quirky gifts to surprise your parents

Are your parents always on your back? Surprise them with these quirky gifts and have yourself a nice payback for all the nagging.

Parents are like  guarding angels for all their children.  From protecting their child from dangers to guiding him/her when they get old, parents come with a full package of perks. And we Indians are the luckiest to have such parents and enjoy all the perks that come with it. From ‘maa ke haath ka khana’ to ‘papa kuch paise de do’ these two angels always have our backs.

But the story doesn’t just end with the perks, we remember all kinds quirky things they did to us when we were children, like giving us bizarre nick names that only they find adorable and calling us with those name in front of our friends, sharing our silly episodes with relatives, dressing us in different and funny type of clothes, etc and the list never ends. But now that we’re old, why not reverse these episodes by surprising them with most quirkiest gifts they’ve ever received.


We all know someone’s being talking trash, we can smell it from miles away . It gets worse when they keep talking, talking and talking!!
In such situations, the bullshit buzzer comes in handy. Whenever your parents  hear somebody talking bullshit, tell them to just press and the button and speak out their mind; whatever they think about them. This will be really  embarrassing  in front of the relatives.


As much as our parents love tidiness and cleanliness, gifting them the world’s smallest vacuum is a beautiful and handy gift . It has an ergonomic design and it actually works,
They will definitely have a surprising reaction to this unusual gift.


Due to old age, our parents forget where are the items of their daily use. They keep looking around the whole house and will make huge fuss about it that their children are not responsible and careful ( desi parent thing). For such times, a memory workout kit can help. And for a moment, it will make them laugh too. This workout has been curated by world-renowned momentologist Tom Friedman and it contains puzzles, quizzes, brain teasers and memory challenges to help keep your parents in tip-top shape.


We all know how our fathers love the taste of beer and their excessive consumption of beer sometimes becomes the hot topic of dinner table conversation.
Bring him one of these belts and make the hot topic a conversation full of laughter and giggles. Your father won’t stop thanking you.