Advanced tech in Bathtubs that take relaxation to the next level


A soak in the bathtub is a favourite way to unwind for many. Despite space and time constraints, the bathtub has not lost its appeal. Thanks to the latest technological advancements, you can now find many exciting designs. While bathtubs are great for relaxing, the new advancements aim to provide the ultimate relaxation. Here is a glimpse into the various bathtub models that use the latest technology.

Bubble massage bathtub

A bubble bath is an excellent way to relax after a hard day at work. Soaking in the bubbles reduces inflammation and pain in your body. The warm water improves blood circulation providing you with a healthy workout.

Many people love being surrounded by the bubbles formed by special shower gels. The bubble massage bathtub is a technologically advanced product that has inbuilt nozzles to release bubbles. You can get a massaging effect with the bubbles.

A roll-top bath with bubble massage tech is a great way to relax. You can find a wide range of first-class roll-top baths online at affordable deals. The diverse designs, materials, and price ranges make it easy to pick one that suits your budget and style preference.

Whirlpool bathtub

The whirlpool tub uses even better technology. You get water jets that swirl around you providing the ultimate relaxing effect. Also called hydromassage baths you get a spa-like experience with this type of bathtub.

While the bubble massage tech provides a gentle massaging effect, the whirlpool jets have powerful jets of water that are invigorating and provide many health benefits. The water in the bath is constantly circulating at high speed.

Your circulation improves and muscle tension is reduced to give an overall relaxing effect. When you need relief from pains and sprains the strong jets are ideal. Such types of bathtubs are ideal for physical therapy.

If you want the gentle massaging effect of the bubble bath and the spa-like experience that the whirlpool baths provide, a combination bath is a good idea.

Bathtubs with Inbuilt heating

In the heated tubs, a special pump is present to regulate the flow of warm water via mini jets and a suction unit. When water is pumped via the system, heat is generated in the pump warming the water.

The temperature of the water is maintained so you get to soak in a warm tub without worrying about the water cooling off. This type of tub is well suited for large spaces as the tubs are larger to accommodate the heating pump. The energy consumption is higher and maintenance is also expensive.

Chromotherapy in bathtubs

Chromotherapy is a treatment method that uses colour and light to change your physical and mental state. Studies indicate colour has a powerful influence on your health and emotion. It can activate positive reactions in your mind and body. When you go out in the sunlight, your body responds to the various colours in the light. The chromotherapy bathtubs use this system to stimulate you and provide physical and mental health benefits.

High-intensity LED lights are used to provide a potent effect. The lights are inbuilt into the bathtub and you can control them digitally. When used in combination with whirlpool bathtubs, you get an excellent relaxing atmosphere that brings the ultimate spa experience to your home.

Smart bathtubs

Voice-activated bathtubs provide the next-level bathing experience. You can use your smartphone app or your voice to control the water temperature, fill the tub, and more. Google Assistant or Alexa voice command features support this tech.

Some advanced tubs allow you to change the light colour or add fog. Faucets that turn on and off with hand gestures use advanced technology that ensures you get the right water level without any hassle. In short, smart technology allows you to have pre-set routines that activate features in a specific order.

Other advancements

Waterproof media allows you to enjoy your favourite TV show or music while you relax in your bath. The products use proven technology that provides moisture-resistant and waterproof audio and TVs. Bluetooth systems help in streaming music or podcasts.

Wi-Fi-enabled systems are a step ahead allowing you to stream music and video to multiple rooms in your home. You can integrate water-proof speakers and listen to music in the bathroom or other parts of your home at the same time.

Final thoughts

Technological advancements aim to make your routine easier and more efficient. The bathtub technologies mentioned above are just a sample of the various tech in use now. There are many more innovations and new ones in development.

While some are expensive and space-consuming, you can find others that are affordable and help you save on energy. The choice of technology is based mainly on user preference. Choosing a cost-efficient bathtub with useful tech additions can help you get a better relaxing experience.