7 Reasons that makes a wall mount fan a must-have for home

During the summer months, ceiling fans, alone, are sometimes just not sufficient to beat the heat. This is where wall mount fans come to your immediate rescue.  Not only wall mount fans are highly functional, but they will enhance your home décor too. A traditional design of fan that still continues to be essential, wall mount fans are available in different types of styles, with user-friendly features. However, if you are wondering how wall mount fans are different from ceiling fans, read on.

Difference Between Wall Mount Fans and Ceiling Fans

Unlike ceiling fans, wall fans are mounted on walls. The blades of a wall mount fan are enclosed in a cover. These fans oscillate in different directions and circulate air in one direction at a time. Amongst the different kinds of fans, wall fans surely make for one of the most economical choices in India.

A wall mount fan is mainly used when floor space is an issue. It works differently in comparison to a ceiling fan. A ceiling fan circulates air, wall mount fans push the air around the area they are installed in.

Reputed brands like Luminous offers a range of aesthetically appealing and high performing wall mounted fans that provide unmatched air delivery. Wall-mounted fans are an excellent cooling option for small and compact spaces that require constant ventilation to get rid of stuffiness. So, if you plan to spend your summers comfortably, listed below are some reasons that make a wall mount fan a must-have for home:

  1. The Cooling Effect

Wall mount fans have blades that are capable of circulating the air present in the room to create a cooling effect. A wall mount fan pushes the air in the direction it rotates in. This can provide relief from the intense summer heat, and put less pressure on your air-conditioning systems.

  1. An Excellent Source of Ventilation

Small and compact rooms can make you feel stuffy and suffocating. A wall mount fan creates an airy environment by circulating the air around. Yes, wall mount fans may be small in size, but they are mighty effective. Once installed, they push the air around the area, and thus allow cool air to fill in the space.

  1. It is a Power-Saving Fan

Did you know that wall mount fans are power-saving fans? Yes, they consume less electricity in comparison to ceiling fans. Besides being economical, they also reduce your electricity bill by half. Thus, wall mount fans are an excellent cooling option that does not burn a hole in your pocket.

  1. They Require Less Space

In comparison to a ceiling fan, a wall mount fan requires less space. If you don’t have enough space on the wall or the ceiling, then a wall mount fan is the perfect choice for your home.

  1. The Installation Process is Easy

Wall mount fans are easy to install as they just have to be mounted on the walls. You can seek help from an electrical expert for a safe and proper installation. Refer to the instructions that come with the fan you choose. You need to ensure that it is installed correctly for safe and optimal use.

  1. They Need Less Maintenance

Using wall mount fans just keeps getting better as they require negligible maintenance. All you need to do for cleaning them is to simply open the cage and wipe off the blades without actually removing them.

  1. An Ideal Choice for Oddly Shaped Corners

Sometimes it might not be possible for you to install a ceiling fan or any other cooling system in certain areas that are oddly cornered or are difficult to reach. Wall mount fans are small in size and can fit perfectly well in any corner of the room. The best part? Wall mount fans look great too. Especially in outdoor spaces like balconies and porches.

Invest in a Good Wall Mount Fan

A wall mount fan plays a significant role in regulating the temperature of any given space. By installing a wall mount fan, you will be able to save floor space, enjoy well-circulated cool air, and quirk up your decor. Renowned brands like Luminous let you choose from a wide range of wall mount fans that work well for the Indian weather. The space-saving feature of a wall mount fan ensures that every corner of your house receives a breezy air flow, making it a pick for your home!