6 Benefits of Wall Fans you can’t afford to missy

A fan is more than just a piece of equipment that circulates air. In reality, this cooling system can help with ventilation and keep room temperature apt during summers. A wall fan, unlike the ceiling fan, is mounted on the wall (not the ceiling). If space does not allow for installing a ceiling fan, this is an excellent option. You can put a wall fan together quiet easily on your own. With a quick review of the user manual, you’ll be able to mount this fan on the wall with little or no assistance.

Let’s have a look at some of the amazing benefits of mounting a wall fan in your home or office spaces:

  1. Consumes Less Space

If you don’t want to buy a table fan, a wall fan is a decent alternative. It will take up no space on the ceiling or on the floor. It will just take up a small amount of space on the wall. Wall-mounted fans are a good choice if you want a fan that should be out of reach of children.

  1. Perfect for Instant Cooling

Purchasing this fan is a good choice if you want a fan with an instant cooling feature. This fan will help you get rid of any moisture in the room. In addition, a wall fan is designed to evaporate sweat and keep you cool. Wall fans are compact and installing them does not require any technical knowledge.

  1. Provides Ventilation

Small and enclosed spaces can become suffocating if they do not have proper air circulation. However, wall fans can build an airy atmosphere in these areas because of their small size and high effectiveness.

  1. Weirdly shaped corners

Having a ceiling fan or a cooling device in oddly shaped corners can be difficult. However, wall fans are compact and can be used in any corner of the room with ease.

  1. Rotational and directional Air Flow

Wall fans provide airflow in any direction. You can adjust the direction of its flow by putting it in swing mode or making it unidirectional. Always purchase wall fans with a wider airflow delivery system as it helps to cool the room faster.

  1. Low Maintenance

From installation to maintenance, wall fans are very economical. As wall-mounted fans are installed at a lower height, it is easy to clean them regularly. Moreover, minor repairs can also be taken care of at home. They are easier to install and manage as compared to ceiling fans and air conditioners.

Lastly, you need to keep in mind two major factors before purchasing a wall fan. First, the size of the fan is extremely important. The amount of airflow depends on the size of the fan you pick. However, bigger isn’t necessarily better, so keep in mind the size of your room and how much space the fan can take up. Secondly, the installation can be a major determining factor, depending on how comfortable you are with power tools. Always choose wall fans from reputed and trusted brands like Luminous. They have a variety of stylish fans to adorn your walls. Luminous’s Mojo Plus White wall fan is a high-speed fan, comes with a warranty of 2 years and is modestly priced at INR 3040. Check out their website or visit a nearby store to choose the perfect wall fan for your home or office.

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