Get your hands on these Super Light and Elegant Metal Glasses

Most of the individuals who prefer eyeglass frames are concerned with cost and design. But there are other aspects to consider, such as how lightweight, sturdy, flexible and resistant the frames are to corrosion. Eyeglass frames today are made of different kinds of plastic and metal. Some frames are hybrid, they contain materials, such as a plastic frame covering the lenses and temple bits made of titanium. For different individuals and circumstances, various materials would serve various purposes.

However, the most common choice is metal eyeglasses frame, since they are typically less costly, lightweight, and come in several colours and designs. For wear and tear, frames made from metal, titanium or alloys (a combination of metals) stand up well. Metal eyeglasses frame are very minimalist in appearance and are typically much smaller and lighter than plastic frames. They are also more versatile, making a good choice even for those who prefer an active lifestyle.

Let’s have a look at some of the elegant metal eyeglasses  frame:


Metal eyeglasses frame come with the option of going semi-rimless, unlike plastic frames, where the lenses are not fitted within a metal frame but are attached to the arms. For individuals with narrow faces, semi-rimless eyeglasses are a great choice. Semi-rimless metal eyeglasses frame are often very light in weight and thus, even for long periods, are very easy to wear. This is a suitable option for those who don’t want to wear contact lenses and prefer a super minimalist look. This metal eyeglasses frame is more trendy than your usual rimmed glasses and far more sophisticated.

Absolute Rimless

Rimless metal eyeglasses frame complement almost every outfit thanks to the barely-there style that make this pair a standout. That said, there’s no need for rimless glasses to be subdued. You can choose rimless glasses with fun temple accents, or even choose rimless sunglasses for a splash of colour or a tint. Here you can see the one with a quirky pink handle. However, remember that, unlike the days when glasses often make people feel self-conscious, metal eyeglasses frame are extremely high tech and beautifully designed as per the latest trends.

Gunmetal Tortoiseshell[anti-viral]-gun-metal-rectangle-rimmed-eyeglasses-from-titan-tf1042mfm1am.html

For business wear, silver, gunmetal, golden tones are preferred because these are plain with conservative tones. For both men and women, classic tortoise patterns often fit well for business attire. Thee metal eyeglasses frame has mottled honey and brown shell spots in their distinctive tortoise pattern. By its fascinating speckled look, you’ll make the heads turn. Tortoiseshell frames are much lighter on the face than basic black or any other solid colour frames.

Golden Aviators

The thing about aviator style metal eyeglasses frame is that you can style them with whatever you want, from classics to casual and punky. All you need to do is find the right mix, which will make you look awesome. They are often usually made from metals ranging from gold to silver. Aviator metal eyeglasses frame are timeless and flattering and are a common option for summer eyewear. This year aviator-style goes beyond the norm, adding traditional and oversize options with sporty silhouettes.

Metal Cat Eye

Why not add a few cat-eye metal eyeglasses frame to your everyday collection for a touch of retro flair? The winged cat-eye form will help balance square or oval faces with large jawlines. Also, the spherical lens will soften sharp features. Cat-eye metal eyeglasses frame were classics of the past. Somehow, over time, the trend died out, but as with all stuff that is too glamorous to leave in the past, these metal eyeglasses frames are making a major fashion comeback. The Mad Men television series have recently popularized these eyeglasses.

The eyewear trend has changed decisively from the thick plastic wingtips that have dominated faces for so long, from rounded wire-thin metal frames to the bleached-out metal frames. These new looks, while no less retro-cool, are more subtle. In short, the style of your parents is back. Try on these elegant metal eyeglasses frame from reputable retailers likeTitan Eyeplus. You can take a virtual try-on at their website and choose the one that suits you the best. So, here is the time to upgrade your everyday style!