Top 5 most famous dishes you must try in Odisha

Odisha is a wonderful place not only to see but to eat also. The traditional Odia delicacies are something you must experience at least once in your lifetime. To help you choose from the vast cuisine, here is the list of 5 most famous dishes to have from Odisha

Let us see what are the Top 5 most famous dishes you must try in Odisha

1) Dalma:-

It is an authentic odia dish that finds it place in the famous “Chhappan bhog” of Lord Jagannatha. Dalma is made of Tur dal and vegetables. It is not only tasty but very nutritious also.

2) Chhena-Poda:-

It is undoubtedly the best confectionery of Odisha. It is believed that Chhena poda is the most favorite sweet of Lord Jagannatha. The preparation is pretty easy. Chhena (paneer) is mixed with sugar, rice flour, some dy fruits and milk to make a dough. It is then baked till the top crust gets a dark brown colour.

3) Chakuli pitha:-

It will assuredly make a spell on your tastebuds. It is vegan as well as gluten free. This rice-lentil pancake can be accompanied with Dalma, Tarkari or simply with some jaggery.

4) Mudhi Mansa:-

It is the culinary identity of people of Mayurbhanj. Mutton gravy (Mansa) is mixed with puffed rice (Muri) to prepare this lip-smacking dish. In traditional method of preparation, the lambs are fed only Sal leaves to make its meat tastier. It’s definitely a must have delicacy in Odisha.

5) Pakhala Bhata:-

This little fermented rice dish is best to have during summer as it cools down the body. It is eaten in entire eastern India and Tamil Nadu also, but the taste varies greatly from state to state. This tasty dish, prepared with potatoes, curd, cucumber. cumin seeds and fried onions and served with dry roasted vegetables in Odisha.

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