Top 5 foods to have for a healthy pregnancy

Pregnant women are always concerned with what to eat and what not. Their diet should be rich with nutrients that support the growth and development of the child.

Here are the top 5 foods to have for a healthy pregnancy :-

1) Eggs contain 80 calories, high-quality protein, fat, and many vitamins, minerals and choline which is a vital nutrient during pregnancy. It’s important in a baby’s brain development and helps prevent developmental abnormalities of the brain and spine. A pregnant woman is recommended to take approximately 450 mg Chlorine per day. A single egg contains 147 mg Chlorine roughly.

2) Broccoli and dark, green vegetables, such as kale and spinach, are packed with fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin A, calcium, iron, folate, and potassium- everything that is required for a healthy pregnancy. Green vegetables cure constipation and lower the risk of low birth weight of a child.

3) Lean meat is an excellent source of high-quality protein that a pregnant woman needs. It is also rich in iron, choline, and other B vitamins. Iron especially is an essential mineral that the red blood cells use in the process of making hemoglobin. A pregnant woman needs more hemoglobin as her blood volume increases, especially after the third trimester. Low levels of iron during pregnancy may cause iron deficiency anemia, which increases life risk of both mother and child.

4) Whole grains are packed with fiber and vitamins. They are far better than the refined ones. Pregnant women should take oats, quinoa, brown rice, wheat berries, and barley instead of white bread, pasta, and white rice. Oats and quinoa, contain a good amount of protein as well as B vitamins, fiber, and magnesium.

5) Dairy Products are a must during pregnancy, in any form be it milk, cheese or yogurt. They contain casein and whey- two high-quality proteins. They are also the greatest dietary source of calcium, and also provide high amounts of minerals like phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc.Yogurt contains probiotic bacteria, which support digestive health.

These were the top 5 necessary food for a healthy pregnancy.


Top foods for healthy pregnancy