Popular food items of Uttar Pradesh: tunde kababs, lucknowi biriyani and more!

The culinary landscape of Uttar Pradesh is diverse with major influences from it’s rich royal history.

Uttar Pradesh which is also known as the heartland of India, also has a very diverse range of culinary culture. From vegetarian dishes to meat, Uttar Pradesh offers a gastronomic journey like no other. Some of the popular food items of Uttar Pradesh are-

Tunde Kabab


Tunde Kababs originated from the city of Nawabs, Lucknow. These kebabs are made from minced meat which might be beef or lamb, mixed with a number of spices. It is mostly served with mint chutney and roomali roti and is a popular dish in among the locals as well as the visitors. It has also become famous worldwide due to it’s appealing taste.

Aloo ki Tikki

Aloo ki Tikki is a popular street food found in Uttar Pradesh. It is made from mashed potatoes which are mixed with spices like cumin, coriander, and chili, these tikkis are fried until it is golden. It is usually served hot with tamarind chutney or green chutney. Aloo ki Tikki is a delightful snack enjoyed by people in and outside the state.

Bedai with Aloo Sabzi

It is a traditional breakfast item that first originated in the city of Mathura. Bedai with Aloo Sabzi is a vibrant and flavourful dish. Bedai, a deep-fried, puffy bread made from fermented dough, is paired with a spicy potato curry, known as Aloo Sabzi. It is sure to capture everyone’s heart with it’s impeccable taste.

Banarasi Paan

Banarasi Paan is popular throughout the country. It is a traditional food item that is had after meal usually. Banarasi Paan is a betel leaf stuffed with a mixture of areca nut, and some spices. It is skillfully prepared by paanwalas. It helps in digestion of food thus consumed after heavy meals and also provides refreshment to the consumer.

Lucknowi Biriyani

Lucknowi Biriyani which is also popularly known as the Awadhi Biryani, is a culinary masterpiece that reflects the royal heritage and history of Lucknow. Lucknowi Biryani is known for its subtle flavours and aroma. Basmati rice is cooked with pieces of meat, typically chicken or mutton. The biriyani is cooked in the slow cooking process to ensure that it has been infused with the flavours of the various spices.


A specialty of the city of Agra, Petha is like a sweet candy made from ash gourd or white pumpkin and sugar syrup. This sweet dish comes in various flavors, including plain, saffron, and rose, and is often mixed with nuts. Petha is also a very popular dish that is usually served during various festivities.


Although samosas are popular all across India, the ones found in Uttar Pradesh have a unique taste to it. These are crisp and are filled with a spicy mixture of potatoes, and spices. Whether enjoyed as a snack with chai or served as an appetizer at social gatherings, samosas hold a special place in the hearts of Uttar Pradesh’s locals.

The culinary landscape of Uttar Pradesh is diverse with major influences from it’s rich royal history which is sure to mesmerize everyone who savours the culinary landscape of Uttar Pradesh.


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