Essential do’s and don’ts of drinking Green Tea

The healthiest ingredient that is recommended by almost every second person worldwide is, ‘Green Tea’. Perhaps, it is one of the best remedies to detox your body and to shed weight. It is extremely effective when you consume in the morning empty stomach and during the evening.

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However, below are some tips that you must keep in mind every time you grab your next cup of ‘Green Tea’:

– Never consume green tea when it is extremely hot but in the lukewarm water. Boiling it for a very long time reduces the effectiveness of the tea and makes it bitter.

– Avoid drinking it immediately after your meal. It can considerably slow down or interfere with the digestion process if consumed immediately after the meal.

– Submerging the tea leaves for a longer time in the lukewarm or hot water will eventually turn the tea bitter in its taste, thus deteriorate its essence and turn it extremely toxic.

– Never rinse your medicines with green tea as it tampers the chemical composition of the tablet, perhaps, leading to a severe acidity issue.

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Also, be extremely cautious about the quality of water that you are using while you are preparing your tea, the better the quality of the water, the better would be the effect of the tea. Switching to tap water for the preparation should only be considered if you are affirmative about the quality of water that is running through your taps.

We hope that the above insights would be of immense help and you would use it every time before you sip a cup of your green tea.