Cornado Snacks launches their new digital commercial #DARETORESIST

Cornado is a brainchild product of SnacAtac: New Gen Snack brand by Grainspan Foods based in Ahmedabad. They have launched their premium corn snack in Gujarat and Mumbai region. The marketing of the brand was executed by Zero Gravity Communications. The agency known for its marketing campaigns and have executed some phenomenon advertising campaign in the past. 

The brand campaign or concept is “DARE TO RESIST ” comes from the fact it is so good that you can’t dare to resist eating it. 


The first product of this brand CORNADO is Corn-based premium snack. One can’t dare to resist it because it is filled with Goodness of corn, crackling crunch, and irresistible flavours. 

This is the core positioning of the brand, target for youth and generation next with a new tornado of corn snack.  Packaging: Brand name CORNADO is derived as TORNADO made of CORN. Visually pack is depicting the same with tornado full of corn and bust of flavors. Live, bold and peppy colors picked for each flavors for distinct visual recall. Youthfull snack brand which has product with Zero Trans Fat, Rich source of calcium, high in protein, and made with natural ingredients. All the USPs are on the front of the pack with the brand story in the back. 

“It is always a challenge when you are launching a product; you have to be mindful of so many different factors that will impact the business. As they say the first impression is the last impression. Mindful of our young target audience, they like the adrenaline rush, challenges and are very spontaneous. We tried to depict such characteristics that blend perfectly with our brand.” said Khushboo Solanki Sharma, Founder of Zero Gravity Communications.