Best ways to enjoy Sweets at home this Diwali

Check out different sweets & recipes that can make your Diwali wonderful.

For most people out there, the festival of Diwali and its celebration is synonymous with copious amounts of delicious food. While every festival in India has distinct kinds of food dishes associated with it, it is Diwali where food comes to be an innate part of the tradition. 

Add to this is the diversity, both in Indian cuisine and the communities where they’re made, that amplifies the ever-increasing charm of the festival. Moreover, most of these sweets are exclusively prepared during the holiday, enhancing the novelty of consuming them during the festive season. 

With time, modern twists and variations in sweet delicacies have popped up all around the market. Yet, because of this long-standing, deep-rooted relationship between Diwali and sweets, it’s hard to replace traditional sweets with their more contemporary counterparts.

One cannot imagine enjoying the festival without indulging in mouth-watering sweets that are readily available. For many, the festive occasion even works as a cheat diet phase where they can let all restrictions go and eat to their heart’s content. Thus, Diwali sweets, we can say, are more than just food — they hold a cultural significance that can be compared to none. 

With the pandemic still looming over our heads, it might prove difficult to buy these treats fresh from the market. 

Hence, here are a few alternate options to satiate your sweet tooth at home without compromising on the flavours, and experience Diwali in all its glory. 



Making Indian desserts at home has always been looked at as drudgery. But there are a few recipes that enable you to enjoy delicious sweet treats without breaking a sweat. A few of them are mentioned below. 


  1. Shahi Tukda
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A rich Awadhi delicacy, Shahi Tukda is perhaps the easiest sweet you can prepare at home. Not only is it delightful, but it is also a quick and simple preparation that does not require much effort from the home cook. All you need for the recipe is some pieces of bread, sugar syrup, milk, dry fruits, and cream. 

Firstly, cut the bread pieces into a diagonal shape and fry them in hot oil. The next step is to soak them in sugar syrup and milk for a few minutes, and then serve it garnished with chopped dry fruits and cream. 

The swiftly prepared dessert will not allow you to miss any store or restaurant-bought sweets. 


  1. Mysore Pak
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A staple in South India, Mysore Pak is a notoriously easy dessert to make at home during Diwali season. While the original recipe of Mysore Pak originated in the kitchen of Mysore Palace, the recipe does not require much to put together the dish. 

For making this treat at home, all you need is sifted gram flour, ghee, sugar, and water mixed into a sugary syrup. 

Firstly, heat up the sugar syrup and bring it to a boil. Then slowly add the gram flour into the mixture one tablespoon at a time. Stir to mix well. Add the ghee little by little until a soft dough is prepared and set it onto a flat tray. Once it cooled down, cut into squares and serve

It is said that one bite of this traditional 4-ingredient Indian dessert is sure to transport you to royalty. 



Boxed desserts are the perfect option for people who wish to savour the treats for longer. Moreover, these boxes also make amazing but inexpensive Diwali presents to give to families and friends over the holidays. 

  1. Besan Laddu by Bikano
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Besan laddus are one of the most popular festive sweets. If you have always enjoyed homemade or store-bought laddus, the boxed version is an easier option to consider, that will not only save your time but also taste just as delicious. 

These besan laddus have been mixed with almonds, cashews, and other delightful ingredients to enhance the flavour and make your festive sweets special. 


  1. Keto Coconut burfi by NutroActive
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This boxed dessert is perfect for those who want to remain health-conscious during the celebration while still not missing out on the signature taste of Indian sweets. 

The Coconut Burfi made with desi ghee is keto diet-friendly, which means that it contains less little to no carbohydrates. These sweets are free from gluten, trans fat, refined flour, and sugar to let you enjoy a guilt-free sweet experience on Diwali.


  1. Kaju Katli by Ghasitaram
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No Diwali celebration is complete without Kaju Katli. It is the favourite dessert for most people. This sweet treat made with cashews, khoya and milk is a staple of every household. 

Thus, the boxed version of this classic Indian dessert is not only suitable to satisfy your sweet cravings, but it is also an excellent dessert to serve to the guests and makes for a luxurious Diwali present for friends and family.



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Over the last few years, a new range of services has opened up, catering to those who wish to enjoy handmade gourmet Indian desserts but lack the time to do so. 

Therefore, various online small businesses selling gourmet desserts have popped up all over the country. 

Not only do these services provide assorted varieties of top-notch sweets, but they also offer options for home delivery. Some of these services also extend over to international delivery, making it the best option to send gifts over to loved ones abroad. 

IGP, Tredy Foods, and Ferns N Petals are some of the leading brands that offer online delivery of handmade gourmet desserts. 


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