Autumn Is Coming! Best wines to fall in love with, this fall season

This fall season, fall in love with some great alternatives to your year rounds. So stop stocking up your usual and let your taste buds explore some new flavours which might become regular visitors. Explore some of the best wines for the autumn season here.

Here are the 5 best wines to fall in love with, in this fall season-



Sauternes is a sweet French wine, and it perfectly captures the essence of fruits available in this season. It can add the flavour of the fall season in your meal with its fruity sweetness or might want to have as a post-meal digestif.

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This Spaniard is a fortified wine and just right to pair up with seasonal foods and flavours of autumn with an inherent flavour that compliments them. It might get overlooked by most people, but Sherry has a wide range of wines from the sweetest wines available to driest ones.

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C for Champagnes, C for celebration. People usually love to fizz up champagnes when they are happy or ready to party. However, it is also an ideal fall season wine, and you can celebrate autumn with this one. The yeast in the wine helps in better digestion of party food and can break through rich flavours of almost anything on your to give you a unique taste.

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Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo Rosé

This cherry-red wine is like a light red wine and a bit sturdy than your regular, summer-friendly rose or pink-wines. A slightly stronger rosé like Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo Rosé is perfect for heavier autumn dishes with an earthy and funky taste.

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This one might not have a divine taste, but Beaujolais is a classic autumn wine and has a great variety of wines to choose. It is probably the only red wine which served as white and usually sipped as an apéritif.

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