6 Gift Ideas to Bring to a Party

Deciding on the right gifts to bring to a party is challenging. You don’t want to bring the same gifts as everyone else, but you don’t want to buy the wrong thing. Plus, if you’re really honest, the most important thing you’re concerned about is not spending a million dollars.

To help you find awesome and unique party gifts that don’t break the bank, here are our six suggestions for party gift ideas.


1. Bring the Dessert

If you’re not a great baker but still like the idea of bringing desserts, check out pre-made options at a local bakery or your grocery store. There’s nothing wrong with store-bought Christmas cookies!

Most people will bring potluck items to add to the feast of food at a party. Stand out by bringing the dessert. Consider making your own Thanksgiving treats or baking cupcakes for the guests. You know you won’t be the only one with a sweet tooth at the party, so put in your order (or put on your baker’s hat) and get going with some sweet treats!

2. Festive Drink Mixes

Keep the party going with drink mixes that go along with the holidays and general celebration. Most of the guests will bring bottles of wine. To stay in the same ballpark but stand out a bit, go for festive drink mixes on-point with the party theme.

You can consider bringing whipped cream flavored vodka, whiskey syrups, ginger beer, margarita mix, or Irish coffee mix as a few popular options.

3. Snack Mixes and Chips

Most people like to munch on something tasty while they’re at a party. So, be that awesome person who brings snack mixes and chips. Go with the classics like salty potato chips and tortilla chips, stuff that everyone loves, and be sure that whatever you buy has the right mix of savory and salty. Always go for the party-sized Cheetos and Doritos to make sure that everyone has a chance to grab a handful.

4. Bring the Vibes

Be the person who sets the atmosphere for the party by bringing vibe-inducing stuff like candles, incense, and other aromatherapy aids to make the space as inviting as possible.

You can even get an oil diffuser and set it up so that smells of lavender and peppermint fill the air. Talk about good vibes! Everyone will pick up on the positive energy you’re throwing down and enjoy the party even more.

5. The Party Essentials

Be the strategic gift-giver and supply the party with extra cups, napkins, utensils, and soda. These party staples run out fast. Your host will love that you thought to help out and all that you purchase will most likely be put to good use! It doesn’t cost very much to grab supplies either, so it’s a win-win for the party and your wallet.

6. A Fun Game

Some great party games include Cards Against Humanity, Uno, and tarot cards for personalized readings. Make sure you pick games with easy-to-understand instructions to keep things fun and relaxed. Save your chess and checkers for later!

Once you’re done dancing and eating, you might be looking for something else fun to do at the party. If you bring an entertaining board or card game as a gift, you’ll never be bored and everyone will appreciate your efforts, including the host!

The Bottom Line

Finding the right party gift means keeping things simple but also looking for gifts that others haven’t thought to bring. Stick to the food and entertainment suggestions in this article to find party gifts that everyone, including your budget, will love.