5 Indian delicious sweet recipes you must try

Here are some delicious and easy dessert recipes that you must try. These desserts are easy to cook and do not require many ingredients.

Festival season is knocking the door. And as we all know that, festivals are incomplete without Desserts. Desserts are the main attraction of any festival. For months, we wait for festivals to arrive so that we can have a lot of desserts that we love. Indian Sweets are not only a mere dish of the country, but describes about the rich heritage and culture of our nation’s history.

Here are some of the most delicious and finger licking Indian Dessert one must try.



Today we have came up with 5 delicious India  Dessert recipes-


Gajar Ka halwa

Gajar Ka halwa, always tops the list of favourite desserts. The dessert is quite famous among children and elders. Its very easy to cook and takes less time.

Let’s get into the recipe of the dessert.

 Cooking time: 45 minutes 

Ingredients required: 

4-5 fresh red grated carrots

1.5 tablespoon milkmaid

1 tablespoon Khoa

3 grams chopped almonds

3 grams chopped pista

0.5 grams Elaichi

2 tablespoon sugar

2 tablespoon ghee

How to cook ?

Heat a frying pan, and add 1 cup of grated carrots and milk. Mix it and cover and cook it. One carrots are slightly soften add in mentioned measurements ghee, chopped almonds, pista, Elaichi, sugar, and Khao. Then cover it and allow to cook for 25-30 minutes. Once it is fully cooked it will give out beautiful tasty aroma. Take off the flame and it’s ready to serve. Serve in plate with garnishing of almonds.


Kheer is among the most delicious desserts, and it is very easy to cook, in less time.

Cooking time : 50 minutes

Ingredients required:

1 cups Washed and rinse Basmati rice

1 litre full fat milk

Little Saffron

5-6 tablespoon sugar

0.5 grams chopped Elaichi

39 grams Cashew nuts


How to cook ?

Take a kadai or any other favourable utensil. Put the milk in it and let it boil. Once the milk is boiled add the washed and soaked rice. Cook for a while then add sugar, saffron, Elaichi, and Cashew nuts as measured. Cook the kheer on low flame until the rice is cooked enough. And once it’s cooked, it’s ready to serve.



The third most easy and less time consuming desert is Malpua. Malpua is very famous in North India. It’s mainly made in the festival of Diwali.

Cooking time: 50 minutes

Ingredients required


1 cup purpose Flour

3 tablespoon Milk powder

3 tsp Yogurt

3-5 Cardamom nand 1tsp fennel seeds

3 tsp grated khoya

Sugar syrup infused with saffron and Cardamom


Cooking time: 50 minutes


How to cook ?


Take bowl and add measured amount of flour, Cardamom, fennel seeds and mix well. Then add yogurt and khoya or milk powder to the mixture with half cup water and stir. Make a consistent batter without any lump. Put it aside for 30 minutes. Meanwhile prepare sugar syrup to dip the the Malpua. Take half cup water and half cup sugar. On low flame make the sugar melt in water. Once it’s saturated, the syrup is ready. In a pan, put 3 tablespoon of ghee to shallow fry the Malpua. Take 2 tbsp of batter, and and spread it on hot ghee, lowering the flame. Turn and cook both the sides on medium flame. Then dip the Malpua in sugar syrup. Garnish it with some chopped almonds and it’s ready to serve.


Besan ke laddu

It is an Indian traditional sweet which is made in almost every occasions. It’s very delicious and easy to cook in less time.


Ingredients required

One and a half cup ghee

2 cup besan

1 cup sugar

4 pods cardamom

2 tbsp melon seeds

2 tbsp Cashew nuts chopped


Cooking Time: 35 minutes


How to cook ?

First in a large kadai heat the measured amount of ghee and besan. On light flame, roast them until the besan completely combines with ghee. Continue to roast, until the mixture turns brown. After 20 minutes, the besan starts releasing ghee, and starts to appear golden brown in colour and grainy in texture. Allow it to cool. Meanwhile roast melon seeds and Cashew until they become crunchy. Once become so, add it to the mixture of besan ans ghee. Blend cardamom and sugar finely and evenly. Once the besan is cooled, add sugar powder. Then make round shaped laddu from the mixture of all ingredients. And besan ka laddu is ready to serve 


Instant gulab Jamun

Desserts are now available instantly. Gits Gulab Jamun is one very simple and less time consuming dessert with original delicious taste.

Cooking time : 50 minutes


Ingredients required:

Sugar syrup

100 grams pack of gits Gulab Jamun ready mix

3-4 tbsp of milk

2 tbsp of chopped almonds, pistachio nuts.

3 tbsp Oil or ghee for frying


How to cook ?

Prepare sugar syrup. Add 3 tbsp milk evenly in the bowl containing the gist Gulab Jamun ready mix. Mix both gently and evenly using hands.In staring it will feel sticky but on mixing with hand, the dough becomes soft and smooth. Prepare the dry fruits to add in the dough prepared. Make small balls from the large dough. Heat ghee or oil in a frying pan. Add the small balls in the hot ghee, but put the flame in medium. The balls will starts turning reddish brown. Take out and put them in the sugar syrup prepared. Instant gulab Jamun is ready to serve.