5 fruits you must avoid if you are trying to loose weight

While fruits are generally a healthy element of a well-balanced diet, some are higher in natural sugars and calories, which may be a concern for people looking to lose weight.

It’s vital to remember that moderation is essential, and the overall quality of your diet is more important than focusing on certain fruits. Here are five fruits with relatively high natural sugars and calories.



Bananas: Health benefits, tips, and risks

While bananas are a good source of potassium and other nutrients, they are higher in natural sugars and calories compared to some other fruits. Moderation is key, and it can be beneficial to incorporate a variety of fruits into your diet.



What Are Grapes, and How Are They Used?

Grapes are sweet and convenient, but they are also relatively high in natural sugars. Eating them in moderation is fine, but be mindful of portion sizes, especially if you’re trying to manage your calorie intake.



Health benefits of eating mangoes: Why the King of Fruits is good for more  than just your tastebuds

Mangoes are delicious and nutritious, but they are also higher in natural sugars. Enjoying them in moderation as part of a balanced diet is advisable for those watching their weight.



Pineapple: 5 Health Benefits and Ways to Enjoy It - HealthXchange.sg

Pineapple is rich in vitamins and minerals, but it also contains natural sugars. Be mindful of portion sizes, especially when consuming pineapple in its juiced or dried form, as the sugar content can be concentrated.



Cherry Season ⋆ 100 Days of Real Food

Cherries are sweet and flavorful, but they are relatively high in natural sugars. As with other fruits, moderation is key, and incorporating a variety of fruits into your diet can provide a range of nutrients.


It’s crucial to note that fruits include a variety of health advantages, including vitamins, minerals, fibre, and antioxidants. Instead of eliminating specific fruits, try concentrating on overall portion control and adding a variety of fruits and vegetables to your diet.


Disclaimer: If you have special dietary issues or health conditions, you should speak with a healthcare expert or a qualified dietitian for personalised counsel based on your specific needs and goals.