10 foods to avoid eating after 50

Here are the some foods which should be avoided after 50s to stay healthy for long life.

As we grow older, it’s not just age but with age many things changes with time. Time really flies and with time our body capacity of intake any things changes gradually. After 30s, our metabolism begins to gradually decline, which means we must have to be selective about the foods we eat.
And when the half-century mark comes it comes with some changes and with some rules in our life. One may should avoid one of his/her favourite food for their betterment to stay healthy and fit at their 50s.
Eating variety of whole food really is the key to a healthy diet, but some food not all. We started to be very choosey about what we eat, we should eat to look after proper vitamin, nutrition, etc and also have to look after amount of food intake.
As there are many things to avoid after 30s to stay fit at 50s, but i mentioned most 10 foods to be avoid eating after 50s.


10 Foods To Avoid Eating After 50



1. Reduce your sodium intake

Sodium is found in mostly the processed and pre-packing food. Foods like pickle, pizza,cheese bacon should be avoided as much as you can. As sodium is essential for mineral but raise in quantity of sodium can lead heart problems.


2. Avoid excessive saturated fats

A little amount of saturated fats is healthy but taking too much of saturated fats specially diary products like butter, cheese,milk can increase the cholesterol level and increase the heart risk. So try to avoid saturated fats as much as you can. Try to add some healthy options like olive oil to food to get better lifestyle.


3. Reduce carbohydrate intake

No i am not saying to cut carbs from your diet i am just asking to you reduce the amount of carbs intake. Avoids carbs like pastries, donuts, crackers, etc can help you to better-regulate blood sugar and hunger.


4. Limit alcohol intake

Most of the alcohol is full of calories and sugar to try to limit the amount of alcohol, while there is evidence that drinking wine can be beneficial that one glass per day not more than that.
As you get older its harder for your body to process large amount of alcohol.


5.Cut down on fried foods

As eating fried foods are not good at any age still it must be cut down after 30s and must not be touched after 50s. It stick to your stomach for longer period of time. This increase the frequency and intensity of heatburn or indigestion.


6. Limit coffee intake

Some coffee has been shown positive effect on immune system and works as stimulants for brain but taking more amount of coffee can increase trip to bathroom, can cause heart problems and impact sexual function.


7. Cut back on sugar

This is good advice at any age. Cut out the sugary items like soda,cookies, ice-cream candy, etc can be cropped from your diet.
This add extra amount of calories to your waistline, raising the risk of diabetes.


8. Cut out cherry

Those delectable little fruits should be limited in your diet as you to get into your 50s and beyond. Despite their anti-inflammatory properties cherries are also packed with sugar. Plus eating too much of cheeries can cause upset stomach and nausea.


9. Don’t take frozen vegetables

This may be your go-to, quick and easy fix for getting vegetables into your diet. But this option isn’t healthy as you think. As pre-packaged veggies options contains added ingredients like creams, sauces and salts which take away some health benefits.


10. Limit eating meat or bacon

This is kind of no-brainer. You shouldn’t be eating bacon on daily basis no matter what age you are. But of course, all that bad fats and salt packed into those strips are even worse once you can reach a high limit. It can cause many health problems.

So be aware what you eat at your 50s and keep taking healthy food with proper diet and never forget to be active regularly and take walk on regular basis.