Flowers that will bring the best atmosphere to your event

It’s no secret that flower arrangements, sophisticated designs, and simple bouquets in plain vases are a decoration for any social event and everyday life. What colors should we remember when planning a specific event? Experts from flower service in Dubai told us what kind of situation certain flowers would be suitable for.

  1. Roses are versatile flowers that are suitable for various occasions due to their elegance and variety of shades. Bringing a romantic feel, they are often used in floral arches in wedding ceremonies.
  2. Lilies are exquisite flowers that add charm and luxury to event decoration. In our experience, these flowers look best on wide holiday tables, because the choice of lilies looks most advantageous when it is presented in a large composition.
  3. Gerberas are bright and durable flowers, popular for decorating a cozy home interior. So if you are planning a family dinner with guests, pay attention to these bright and warm flowers.
  4. Tulips are fresh and attractive flowers, ideal for spring events. Just as gerberas are associated with warmth and comfort. Depending on the color scheme of the flower composition, you should pay attention to the color design of the room. Combining the right shades, tulips are the most universal flowers in this regard, along with roses.
  5. Calla lilies are exquisite and luxurious flowers that add elegance and sophistication to event decorations. In our opinion, they fit perfectly into minimalist interiors and also become an excellent addition to the decor of formal events. Calla lilies add luxury while discreetly enhancing the ambiance.


These are just a few examples of popular flowers used to decorate various events. The choice of colors depends on the theme, style, and color scheme of the event. Based on recommendations, order flowers in Dubai with The service’s collection includes flowers with both classic and innovative flavor combinations, allowing you to decorate any space and bring beauty to the event. Get inspired and create your atmosphere with