What is Colour Blocking?: All You Need To Know!


Color-blocking is a fashion trend that is frequently linked to the works of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. It is the research of matching colours that are opposites on the colour wheel together to create eye-catching and complementing colour combinations.

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Colour Blocking


Colour blocking, which has cemented its place in today’s fashion scene, is defined as the pairing of two to three vibrant, frequently incongruous colours in a single outfit to produce a captivating statement piece. Because the colours in the ensemble are believed to be louder than usual, colour-blocking differs from how people typically dress. Fashion experts define colour-blocking as wearing many articles of solid-coloured clothes in a single outfit. Even combining two or three distinct, but complementary hues in one outfit or pairing colours that aren’t directly opposites on the colour wheel will result in colour blocking.

The art of colour-blocking is basically based on the colour theory, which holds that there are unwritten rules in colour-blocking such as not wearing too many colours together at once and balancing an outfit with a neutral colour.


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