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What is Bertha Collar?


Bertha Collar is a deep flat collar that extends from the neckline to the shoulder opening in the front or rear. To know more, read this article on Bertha Collar.

What is Bertha Collar?

A Bertha collar is a broad, round, flat collar, which can be worn as a top or dress item and is occasionally detachable like a shawl to highlight a woman’s shoulders.
The Bertha collar first appeared as a component of Victorian evening attire in England during the Victorian era. The key characteristic of this style was that it trimmed the necklines of these gowns during the early Victorian era when it was fashionable for women to show off their bare shoulders.

For those who liked the look of an off-shoulder dress but didn’t want to reveal too much flesh, the garment’s shoulders could be made of semi-opaque illusion netting fulfilled the purpose. In the 1940s, the Bertha collar underwent a revival and was also in fashion as part of a wedding dress.
The Bertha collar has also evolved into a design element of contemporary clothing, especially in “bohemian” tops and dresses. These flowing, frequently off-the-shoulder items can also be embroidered.
The Bertha collar, which due to its size is also often termed a cape collar, has evolved into a cape and is frequently constructed of pleated fabric for a luxurious appearance.