What is Androgynous fashion?


The term “androgeny” describes a look that is unisex and frequently includes accessories and clothing that are typically worn by the wearer’s gender’s opposite. Read this out to know more about Androgynous fashion.

Androgynous fashion

The Latin word “androgyne,” which is used to describe a mixture of male and female attributes, is the root of the term “androgynous,” which refers to a combination of physical qualities shared by both sexes. This can be interpreted in the world of fashion as men dressing like stereotyped women and women dressing like traditional males.


Although people have long experimented with androgyny in clothing, the androgynous design really took off when women grew weary of wearing clothes that were bulky, unpleasant, or both. Such apparel included constricting corsets and exaggerated gowns that restricted their daily activities.

Moreover, pants were generally a masculine form of clothing because of social standards governing attire; but, during the 1800s, when female spies were introduced, Vivandières wore a particular uniform with a dress over trousers, and at that time, women activists would also choose to wear trousers.

In the twenty-first century, Alessandro Michele, the creative director of Gucci, only recently declared he would do away with the distinction between men’s and women’s clothing. Many other companies and designers were prompted by this to reconsider their gendered lines.