What is a Gunmetal colour and how is it used in fashion?


The term “gunmetal grey” refers to an alloy that was popular in the 1890s and was made up of 90% copper and 10% tin. Read this article on Gunmetal colour.

Gunmetal Grey

The colour gunmetal grey is a deep grey with hints of blue or purple that conjures the metal’s brittleness. Gunmetal is a bronze alloy of copper, tin, and zinc. Given that grey is regarded as a serious colour and the word “gun” is included in the name, the intensity of gunmetal grey heightens the sense of authority or seriousness. Gunmetal grey is composed of 55.3% red, 56.9% green, and 55.3% blue in the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) colour model, making it the ideal neutral since it can temper vibrant colours and unify colour combinations.


How do we style them and use them fashionably?

Gunmetal Grey chinos and both shirts and t-shirts look good in a variety of colours. Avoid wearing colours that are overly vivid, such as yellow, red, or bright pink, as they may make you appear awkward and overly attention-grabbing to others. However, it depends on the type of style you want to project. If you want to be subtle, wear it with neutrals; if you want to look laid-back, wear it with a red t-shirt and a black bomber jacket. If you accessorise it depending on your mood, gunmetal with a white tee and a denim distressed jacket with folded sleeves would also look nice.



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