What are the different types of clutch bags?


Most people think of the contemporary clutch bag as a considerably more compact form of a handbag. It can have straps or not, but typically does not have handles or straps. Due to its diminutive size, it typically works for necessities like cell phones, credit cards, cash, and lip balms. Moreover, there are several types of Clutch bags available now, to suit your taste and preferences. Here are some of the types of clutch bags.

Different types of clutch bags

Day Clutch

A clutch that can be used at work is called the Day Clutch. It will likely be much larger than a typical clutch, include internal pockets, and possibly serve as the bag you tuck inside a larger bag.

The portfolio bag


The portfolio bag is called the Clutch Bag for Men. Large clutches called portfolio bags can fit a tablet and a few papers inside. They don’t give you the appearance of a Bob Cratchit drudge who is constantly hauling a bulging briefcase.

The Envelope Clutch

Design-wise, the Envelope Clutch is really attractive. It is a flat clutch bag that resembles an envelope in how it opens and shuts. Typically, the bag is rectangular with a triangular flap top.

Evening clutch

Your identification, including a credit card, car keys, and a phone, can be kept in the evening clutch. An evening clutch’s main purpose is glitz, making them ideal for a little glitz.


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