What are Coats exactly and how can you style them?

A coat is an upper body outer garment worn by either gender for warmth or fashion, and most coats have long sleeves. 


Coats are outerwear that are worn on top of clothing to give protection from the elements. They come in variety of lengths and styles. Know more about it and styling it with the help of this article.

What are Coats exactly?

Typically, a coat is an upper body outer garment worn by either gender for warmth or fashion, and most coats have long sleeves.
They have a front opening that can be closed with buttons, zippers, hook-and-loop closures, toggles, a belt, or any combination of these. It may come with hoods, shoulder straps, and collars.

How can you style them?

Match your coat’s colour to your clothes, or get creative and color-block your outerwear and attire. You may also strive to create a harmonious effect by wearing garments that are close in colour to your coat.
Try to look really feminine and sophisticated while wearing a coat because they are more formal outerwear. The ideal alternative is to match your coat with a dress or skirt worn with a dapper shirt. You can also use your creativity to mix casual clothing with an elegant coat to produce a cohesive look or, on the other hand, something unusual and occasionally even bizarre. Always pair your coat with a matching scarf to add more femininity.