Top 9 best first date outfits for men

Here are the best 9 outfits that you can wear on your first date to impress your partner

First impression is the last impression, and when it’s your first date, one needs to be very aware about their appearance. Dressing well signifies one’s ability of social interaction, good communication skills in terms of gesture and sense of confidence. So it’s very important to dress well on your first date. So here are some best outfits for men to wear on their very first day to impress their date.

 9 best first date outfits for men


Depending on the time and place of date, here we can style the below mentioned outfits.

The Denim Jacket look

If the date time is scheduled in morning or after noon, and the place mixed for meeting is any cafe or multiplex then a casual look will go. You can style a casual plain white t-shirt with denim jeans and a chinos trouser. Loafer shoes will compliment the look.



The summer shirt look

Again, if the time of date is scheduled in day time, and the date is scheduled in a cafe or any outdoor place then a summer slim fit shirt and cords trouser will look great. Sneakers shoes and a wayfarer sunglass will compliment your look.



The crew neck look

For a casual day time date in cafe, restaurant or  plaza, one can go for a white crew neck t-shirt and a slim fit pant. White sneakers will compliment the look.

The Henly look

On a day time date, in any restaurant or cafe, a black Henly or Y-neck t-shirt styled with brown colour chinos pant with black belt, will give one a outstanding sexy look. Brogue shoes will compliment the look. Don’t forget to wear a stylish watch.



The Structured Blazer look

A black structured blazer styled with a casual t-shirt and slim fit trouser will work for a date at a romantic place, at night. It will give you a serious and confident look. Derby footwear will compliment the outfit.


The Roll up sleeve look

Roll up sleeves are considered to be weakness of many girls. A plain shirt with rolled sleeve and trousers will give you a classy yet sexy look. You can style the look by wearing wing tip shoes.


The Suspender look

White shirt,black silk trouser with a silk black suspender with give you a elegant yet hot look to impress your date. A Derby shoes will compliment the look.



Cool polo look

Polo t-shirts are never off fashion. A white or any other coloured polo t-shirt styled with slim fit pant, will give you a chic and cool look. Brogue shoes will compliment the look.



The crew neck sweater look

In winters, the crew neck grey sweater with white full sleeve shirt from inside styled with slim fit pant will give you a stylish and confident look. Loafer will compliment your look.