Top 10 outfit ideas for women’s to celebrate Holi

While some styles are evergreen and can never be made redundant, thinking a little out of the box and toeing boundaries with your outfits this Holi season is just what you need to stand out and leave an unforgettable mark on everyone. 

With the festival of Holi, every year appears a myriad of opportunities to experiment with the latest crazes and set the tone for the upcoming spring and summer fashion. After all, who doesn’t like to be discerned as a trendsetter amongst their peers? 

Bollywood influences, over the years, have turned the festival of colours into an occasion to be your most colourful self. But it is the social media influencers who have made this fashion attainable and adaptable for many. Thus, with the next potential Instagram viral trend just on the horizon, all the festivities of Holi are bound to become your personal runway and for that, you must look your picture-perfect best at all times. 


While some styles are evergreen and can never be made redundant, thinking a little out of the box and toeing boundaries with your outfits this Holi season is just what you need to stand out and leave an unforgettable mark on everyone. 

Here are 10 different outfit ideas for Holi you ought to try out this year:


  1. Punjabi Salwar Kameez
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Made popular by a plethora of Bollywood movies, one can never go wrong with a traditional Punjabi Salwar Kameez.

Not only are they extremely comfortable to wear, but the short shirt paired with the famous Patiala salwar will also have you looking like the chicest person in the crowd. 

A perfect mix of modern style and tradition, this outfit works for both the Holi pujas and the celebration parties that succeed them. Moreover, they’re available in an infinite variety of colours, embroidery, and patterns making it impossible to run out of options to add to your closet!


    2.  White suit with colourful dupatta 

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White outfits are quintessential to any Holi celebration. But monochrome white attire can often look boring and unoriginal if not paired up with the right accessories. 

There’s no better way to pair a seemingly plain white outfit than with a pop of colour of a vividly dyed dupatta! The colourful dupatta provides a much-needed wow factor to your plain attire while the white allows all the colours of Holi to gleam on your outfit. 


    3. Bohemian Dress

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Bohemian fashion is an evergreen style during every spring season but seldom do women think of including it in their Holi wardrobe.

Boho dresses are light and made of the most comfortable fabrics which are requisite if you want to indulge in festivities and celebrations during the day. Made popular during the Coachella festivals, bohemian dresses make a classy and elegant addition to your closet. 

Besides, boho dresses are favourable to all body shapes and sizes, making it so that you can never go awry with choosing one for the special day. 


    4. Tie-dye fashion

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The bright colours of Holi make tie-dye fashion an excellent match for the day. The psychedelic patterns of these clothes are particularly pleasing to the eye during the festival where everyone is stained with colours from head to toe. 

What’s more impressive is that tie-dye can be an easy DIY to participate in with your friends at home, doubling the fun times you can have during Holi. 

Many tie-dye kits are available in the market with which you can skillfully turn your old and monotonous clothes into trendy and dapper! 


    5. Scarves and Bandanas

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Accessories such as scarves and bandanas are often overlooked due to their understated character but with a little effort, a modest scarf can turn into a statement piece; a highlight of your Holi outfit this year. 

There are abundant ways to style a scarf or bandana. You can tie it over your hair which will not only make it the pinnacle of your outfit but also preserve your hair from damage caused due to powdered colours! Or you could adorn it artfully by tying it as a waist belt, a hand bracelet, or even a thigh garter; the possibilities are endless! 


    6. Denim shorts

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Most would attribute denim shorts to a relaxed, almost lazy look but sometimes that is exactly what you need to let loose and have some fun!

Denim shorts are trendy, hip, and most of all extremely comfortable to wear during Holi. When your entire day circles around celebrations that encompass the use of water, wearing something that would not stick to your body and make you uneasy is the most prudent solution. 

Pair your shorts with an oversized tie-dye T-shirt, a short kurti or even an old white button-up. You can never go wrong with a handy pair of denims. 


    7. Saree

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For a more traditional Holi celebration, a quality saree is the way to go. You could don silk, chiffon, or even a cotton saree but the ethnic outfit is designed to look elegant and graceful on any woman. 

Wearing a traditional outfit does not mean you cannot have fun with it though. Choose from the flashiest patterns and hues to the way you tie the saree just the way you like to give it a modern and contemporary twist. Whatever you choose, you’re bound to be the centre of attention at any gathering. 


    8. Indo-Western wear

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For someone tired of deciding on one over the other and loves to mix and match outfits, defying thresholds of tradition and fashion, Indo-Western wear should be your pick. 

There are no set rules for constructing an outfit for this theme. You could pair up a pair of blue denim jeans with a long kurta, a bold patterned ethnic ghagra with a formal button-up, a traditional saree with a denim jacket; the process itself becomes an outlet to unleash your most audaciously creative ideas. 


    9. Chunky Silver Jewellery

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Nothing pairs better with an all-white outfit — a standard for Holi — than chunky oxidized silver jewellery. 

Often inexpensive and available in an unending variety of designs and cuts, silver jewellery is the perfect accessory to add to your outfit. Moreover, the oxidized jewellery works well with both ethnic and western attire, making it so much more flexible and fun to play with!

You do not need to go overboard with the jewellery pieces, even a statement necklace or huge earrings can make a simple outfit stand out. 


  1. Chikankari
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The last, but definitely not the least on the list is an apparel with beautiful chikankari work done on it. Chikan is a traditional embroidery style from the heart of Lucknow and has been historically associated with royalty and nobility. 

Often using floral patterns, chikankari is an evergreen trend for women’s clothing during the peak of spring as the delicate embroidery is just an extension of the spring blooms that one is bound to encounter during the season.

Available in a diverse range of items such as suits, kurtis, plazzos and lehangas among many others, the embroidered attire will have you feeling royal and majestic just like the clothing.