Top 10 outfit ideas for women’s to celebrate Christmas 2021

We present you top 10 best outfits to celebrate Christmas in style.

There are so many festivals to attend this festive season. Of course, you would want to look fashionable for them. With an unlimited series of events, each needing a different dress code, choosing your Christmas party outfits has never been so exhilarating. This is the time of the year where you get to dress up, go out and about and have fun celebrating. Whether the occasion calls for a casual, semi-formal, business, cocktail, or festive dress code, we’ve got the best Christmas party outfit designs for a chic celebration.

1) Bring Reds to your wardrobe. 


It might seem like an obvious option, but wearing shades of red can never go wrong to celebrate the season of joy. Welcome the season with peace in a maroon-flared kurta, handcrafted in lush chandleries and cotton that exude luxury and truly embody the grace of an Indian woman.

 The touch of glitter through its silver tinsel print and ornate gota border on the neck and sleeve make it a perfect Christmas wear.

2) Stay warm in jackets. 

Handcrafted in smooth paper silk and handwoven with accuracy, vivify the holidays in a warm cranberry jacket. The jacket matches the spirit of the season and is versatile enough to be used with ethnic and western outfits. 

So, if you’re searching for an outfit at the last minute, you can depend on the jacket to make a fashionable statement. Wear this jacket with similar trousers to make an everyday winter outfit.

Image Source: Ratan Jaipur

3) Casual Christmas Party

If the invitation says you can dress casually, that means you’re ready to be yourself. Whether it’s ripped jeans, a cropped sweater, or a skirt and flats, anything is acceptable here. Wear only what makes you comfortable. Casual attire allows your personality to shine rather than following formal standards or following a particular style. However, remember that it is Christmas. So at this festive time of year, you might want to dress up in your best casual clothes.

Image Source: The Trend Spotter

4) Smart Casual Christmas Party

Smart casual means that the host wants you to look refined but not overdressed. The key to this is finding the perfect medium. This means the jeans are out while the skirts and culottes are in. Usually, a good rule of thumb is to dress as if you were going to a fancy restaurant or cafe for lunch. Wear a pair of heels or a skirt with a nice jacket or coat. Of course, the dress is also very appropriate for the occasion; make sure it is nice and straightforward, nothing too flashy.

Image Source: The Trend Spotter

5) Festive Christmas Party

If the invitation is festive, then you can have fun with your outfit. Choose an outfit that’s appropriate for a cocktail party or semi-formal ensemble, but don’t forget to have something holiday-related. It can be as simple as wearing a red dress, but of course, the more effort you put into your party outfit, the more you will stand out. Think ornaments, tartan, festive colours, or even if you’re ready to dress a little wild, look for an outfit with a Christmas-themed print.

Image Source: The Trend Spotter

6) Winter Christmas Outfits

Layer your clothes to stay warm while looking chic. Remember that each layer has to look great because you may want to delete several layers. Get your perfect basics, and the rest will be easy. Pair a pretty sweater or turtleneck with cute pants, then add killer boots or sophisticated heels. Then you’ll need this oversized warm coat to wear outside. You can even add belts to close instead of using buttons. Finally, complete your look by slinging a bag over your arm, and voila, you’re ready to go.

Image Source: The Trend Spotter

7) Black Tie/Formal Christmas Party

For women, the black dress code meant wearing a full-length gown, especially luxury clothing. You can choose something quite loose or tight. Also, don’t be afraid to show some skin. Backless or strapless dresses are perfectly fine. Just make sure that whatever you choose, you will look sophisticated and stylish. Pair this look with strappy heels and a clutch or small bag to complete the look.

Image Source: The Trend Spotter

8) A Red Sweater

The classic red Christmas sweater. An easy way to feel and look festive without having to think about it too much. You can wear it with simple black pants and accessories with pretty boots and trendy jewellery. You can also wear cropped tops with patterned skirts and tights.

Image Source: Fustany

9) Statement skirt/pants

You can combine sweaters with trendy skirts or pants to add a festive touch to a cosy and intimate Christmas outfit. Metallic pleated skirts can be effective. Also leather skirt, green satin skirt and of course sequined pants!

Image Source: Fustany

10) Neutral Christmas outfits: It doesn’t always have to be red/green

If you are not in Christmas colours or simple colours in general, you can still look neutral and even black for the festival. You can add a hint of red with your bag or lipstick. Or not, but wearing something with a touch of sparkle or accessorizing with something festive.

Image Source: Fustany