The most exciting and cherishable moments from Shraddha Arya’s wedding: Sunny Shandil, founder, Om Sons Bridal Store reveals

Kundali Bhagya actor Shraddha Arya tied knot with Navy officer Rahul, in Delhi in the presence of close friends and family. The pictures and videos from the wedding are going viral on social media and are evidence of all the fun our bride and groom had.

One of their guests and Arya’s jewellry stylist for the wedding, Sunny Shandil elaborately talked about the atmosphere and highlight moments from the ceremony.


“Undoubtedly, it was a great celebration. Everyone present enjoyed the wedding thoroughly but for me, the best moment would be bride Sharaddha’s entry. As she walked towards the groom, friends and family held a chadar of flowers above her while ‘Dil Shagna Da’ played in the background. The moment was truly magical and overwhelming for everyone. Thereafter, Shraddha asked the groom to pick her up and carry her to the stage.”

“Shraddha pulling Rahul’s cheeks was another beautiful moment which was very well captured by the photographer Rajvir and is trending on Instagram,” added Sunny, who is also the owner of Om Sons Bridal Store.

The jewellery stylist also talked about the pieces he picked for the bride’s big day. “I chose a very beautiful golden Kaleera, which very well complimented her red attire with golden metallic work on it. For her Haldi, we thought to keep it subtle and went for flora tika and necklace.”

Well, the bride definitely looked beautiful beyond words and the netizens don’t seem to be getting enough of her wedding pictures.