Tejas Gaikwad: Capturing the essence of visual narratives

Interview with photographer and videographer Tejas Gaikwad from Mumbai

Tejas, your portfolio reflects a diverse array of photographic and videographic endeavors, spanning weddings, events, portraits, landscapes, and commercial campaigns. How do you maintain such versatility while still delivering top-tier content across various genres?


Thank you for the question. Versatility, for me, stems from a deep appreciation for the essence of storytelling within each genre. Whether it’s a portfolio campaign, an ad campaign, the intimate moments of a wedding, the dynamic energy of an event, or the timeless beauty of a landscape, I approach each project with the intention of capturing its unique narrative.

This requires not only technical proficiency but also a keen sensitivity to the nuances of different subjects and contexts. By staying curious and continuously exploring new perspectives, I’m able to adapt my skills and creative vision to suit the specific demands of each assignment.

Images clicked by photographer and videographer Tejas Gaikwad.

Your work showcases a seamless integration of technical proficiency with artistic creativity. How do you balance these two aspects to ensure that your visuals are not only technically sound but also emotionally resonant?

Balancing technical proficiency with artistic creativity is, in many ways, the crux of my approach to photography and videography. While technical skills provide the foundation for executing my vision, it’s the creative intuition that breathes life into the imagery, infusing it with emotion and meaning.

For me, the key lies in maintaining a fluid dialogue between technique and creativity, allowing each to inform and enhance the other. This means not only mastering the technical aspects of my craft but also continuously pushing the boundaries of my creative expression, experimenting with new techniques and perspectives to evoke the desired emotional response from viewers.

As a photographer and videographer in contemporary times, how do you stay abreast of industry trends and technological advancements while also maintaining a distinctive artistic curve?

Keeping pace with industry trends and technological advancements is essential in today’s rapidly evolving scenario. However, I believe that true innovation lies not in blindly following trends but in leveraging technology to amplify one’s unique artistic curve.

To achieve this balance, I make it a priority to stay informed about the latest developments in equipment, software, and techniques, constantly seeking out opportunities to incorporate new tools into my workflow. At the same time, I remain grounded in my artistic vision, always mindful of how these advancements can serve to enhance rather than overshadow the essence of my work.

By striking this delicate balance between innovation and authenticity, I’m able to stay relevant in a competitive industry while staying true to my creative identity.

Some more images clicked by photographer and videographer Tejas Gaikwad.

Your commitment to excellence and strong communication abilities are evident in the way you translate clients’ visions into captivating visual content. Can you share a specific example of a project where your collaborative approach led to a particularly successful outcome?

Certainly. One project that comes to mind is a recent commercial campaign I worked on for a luxury fashion brand. From the outset, the client had a clear vision of the aesthetic they wanted to achieve, but they were also open to creative input and collaboration.

Through extensive discussions and brainstorming sessions, we were able to refine their initial concept and develop a cohesive visual narrative that not only aligned with their brand identity but also surpassed their expectations.

By fostering open communication and a spirit of collaboration throughout the production process, we were able to create a series of images and videos that not only showcased the beauty of their products but also resonated deeply with their target audience, ultimately contributing to the success of the campaign.