Online marketplace Zaffori to launch soon

More often than not, designer wear customers are disappointed with their products due to a lack of quality, sizing options etc. Zaffori aims to eradicate this issue by offering premium bespoke apparel and accessories tailor-made just for you.

The future of fashion is here. The beginning of 2022 will mark the launch of a multinational apparel marketplace called Zaffori. The platform aims to unite global exclusive emerging designers and brands that specialize in made-to-order / made-to-measure garments to customers who desire authentic and deluxe designer wear.

Headquartered in New York, Zaffori will connect distinctive global emerging and independent brands with those seeking to shop through a unique product range. Zaffori will specifically cater to the individual designer’s target audience, through detailed market research, marketing and brand awareness schemes. It will lend a hand to those in the fashion industry who seek a larger platform.


“Zaffori was born from the idea that talented international designers deserve a larger market. With so many talented international designers around the globe, it aims to provide a vast and unique selection of apparel that cannot be found elsewhere,” informs Gauri Shah, president, Zaffori Ventures.

“Regardless of price and brand, customers struggle to find bespoke apparel and accessories that fit to a tee. When you pay a premium, you should be completely satisfied with your purchase, and that’s Zaffori’s goal,” she adds.

Apart from this, Zaffori offers free storage space for designers at its fulfillment center in New York. This will allow designers to have an immediate presence in the US market. After all, there are so many designers who would prosper from being able to showcase their products on a global stage.

Plus, every product purchased through the online marketplace will be one-of-a-kind due to its tailor-made approach. This also makes Zaffori the premier platform in high-end fashion which caters personally to an individual with uniquely customized designer wear.