How to select pure leather belts for men’s dressy outfits

Gone are the days when belts were worn just for their functional purposes. Today they are no less than fashion statements in themselves. A classy leather belt can lend your dressy outfits a smart appeal and redefine your look. But to ensure maximum impact, you have to pick the right belt. If you are unsure how to select pure leather belts to enhance your style statement, fret not. We have your back.

Let us delve deep into how you can select pure leather belts to complete a dressy outfit and shine through.



Not all leather belts are of the same quality. That is why you have to be careful while selecting them to get quality products at the best prices. When you want to wear genuine leather dress belts, stay away from belts made of faux leather or eco-leather. Even though such belts have the word leather attached to them, they are not real. Rather, they are made of alternate materials and often cost less than genuine leather belts.

Genuine leather belts have a natural grain and are sometimes called full-grain leather belts. This is something you will not find in belts made from alternate leather. Also, pure leather belts are softer than alternate leather belts.

Perfect Coordination

When selecting a dress belt, the next thing to remember is that it must match the dress,shoes you intend to wear with it. Ideally, your belt and shoes will be made from the same material. But if you are teaming up your leather belt with shoes of any other material, you need to focus on the colour and texture. The bottom line is that belts and leather shoes for men should be in harmony as far as looks are concerned.


Talking of colours, the basic colours for leather dress belts are black and brown. So, you can opt for your dress belt in black colour or shades of brown.

Length and Width

Your leather belt must also be of the right length and width to elevate your dressy look.

To determine the required length of your belt, measure your waist size. Now add a few more inches to this number to get the length to ensure a comfortable fit around your waist. The thumb rule is to go for a belt that is one or two sizes larger than your waist size.

Your dress belt must be between 1 1/4″ and 1 3/8″ in width when it comes to width. Try to opt for a belt thickness of around 1/8″. If you go for a wider belt than these measurements, it will not be dressy enough to go with your outfit. Rather, it will fall under the category of casual belts.


pure leather belt should have a shiny finish if you want it to complement your dressy outfit. So, stay away from leather belts with matte finishes for occasions where you want to flaunt your dressy look.

Some leather belts may feature stitches, and some may have a no-stitch flat look. You can opt for dress belts with or without stitches. But keep in mind that there should not be any excessive patterns or decorations on the belt. You have to maintain a simple belt look to match your dressy attire.


Your dress belt should have a polished buckle. It should be small and have a normal frame style. There should not be any additional styling on it. For instance, cowboy buckles are a complete no. Also, you need to go for a buckle that is only one pronged.

Another thing that you need to pay attention to is the buckle colour. Polished gold buckles work well with belts having tan or brown colours. For black or navy belts, polished silver buckles ensure an elegant look.

When to Retire Your Leather Dress Belt?

Pure leather belts are durable accessories and last a long time. A high-quality leather dress belt can easily withstand wear and tear and serve you for years. But your belt can outlive its purpose, and you need to replace it. So, how do you recognize the signs that indicate it is time to retire your belt?

Well, if you realize that your dress belt has become deformed or stretched, it is a clear sign to say goodbye to it and opt for a new one. Also, if your belt is just glued and not stitched and glued, there are chances of it coming apart more easily. If you notice anything of this sort, you need to replace it.  

In Conclusion

Now that you know all about pure leather dress belts and how to use them to look your dressy best, why hold back? Just select a few good leather dress belts and get ready to look all smart and stylish in your dressy outfits.