Aneeth Arora unveils the Japanese Street Style at Lakmé Fashion Week 2020 Digital First Season Fluid Edition

Mumbai, 22nd October 2020: “Locked in Love” was the very apt and topical name of the collection by the péro label from Aneeth Arora at Lakmé Fashion Week 2020 Digital First Season Fluid Edition.

Inspired by the Kawai Japanese street style culture of Harajuku fashion, Aneeth brought in fun touches with laces, ribbons and bows to allow the child in the wearer to spring forth.


The nostalgia in the collection was very apparent and further enhanced with traditional embroideries like Bullion and French knots. Also, the playful appearance of painted and printed flowers gave the ensembles a perfect stylish appeal. Laser cuts and hand-folded petals of fabrics were the part of the extensive surface ornamentation as wreaths and trellis along with 3D embroidery was meticulously hand made by expert craftspersons.

The fabrics selected by Aneeth were as intense and luxurious as the embellishments. On a textile base of Mashru, gabardine and taffeta sourced from South India, as well as sheer, lightweight, stripes woven in Banaras, Aneeth splashed these with printed and woven motifs.

But the fabric base still continued further on a more extensive level, as Aneeth brought in her basic cottons, gingham checks, linen stripes, and gauze-like solids with contrast selvedge that were exclusively woven by over 500 craftspersons in Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal as well as other parts of the country.

Paying attention to the complete look of the collection, Aneeth, collaborated with the brand ‘Grounds’ shoes of Japan, which is a great label for walking, since it is believed that the shoes make the wearer almost float because of their high, transparent, amazing soles. Aneeth’s creative touches of handcrafted upcycled and hand embroidery was added to the footwear. So, flower sequins, ribbons, laces and bows gave the shoes the perfect look to complete the Harajuku inspiration of the collection.

When buyers in India and globally want contemporary fashion with a nostalgic touch but traditional flavour, “Locked in Love” by Aneeth Arora for her péro label will be the right choice.