6 types of footwear every girl should own

Every girl desires for the perfect outfit. Not only an outfit but makeup and accessories should also compliment their look. But most often we give less attention to another most important thing, i.e Footwear. Here we came up with 6 best footwear every women should own .


Many a times, it happens that we have a perfect dress in our closet, and accessories to go with that, but by choosing random footwear, we spoil our entire look. We hardly give attention to our footwear.Whereas footwear also exerts some impact to our whole look .


So it’s important for a person to have the best footwear in their collection that will not let their impression down on others. Here are 6 different types of footwear a women needs to include now in their collection.


6 types of footwear every girl needs to own



A court show or pump is a low cut front, or vamp with a shoe buckler or with a black bow as ostensible fastening. The pair of footwear perfectly goes with many different coloured dresses.They are available in different designs,patterns and colour. The pair of footwear perfectly goes with formals, informal skirts, dresses, trousers and party dresses.


Ankle Boots


In winters, it’s hard to find a pair of shoes that goes with your winter cloths. Something that looks elegant and can provide warmth. So Ankle Boots are the perfect fit for you. Ankle boots compliments winter cloths like baggies, French cloth, High jeans and formal and informal wear  It goes well with shorts and hot crop tops too.




Looking for something hot yet classy that goes with formals, then you should go for Scarpin. They are pointed toe heels that elongates the leg. It adds to one sophisticated and dignified look. It goes with formal skirts, and formal dresses. 


No I am not talking about Anil Kapoor’s movie Loafer, instead it’s one of the most trending footwear of current time. It perfectly matches on gisspy and casual looks. It is available is different patterns, colours, and style.


Today, many women have inclination towards sports and rough plays. They always wants to carry a look that defines what they are. For such people, Sneakers is the perfect choice. For sports day in your college, school or at your work place, Sneakers suits best. Also it compliments high scratched jeans and tops.

Knee High boots


If you want to carry a elegant yet hot look, you can go for Knee High Boots. These boots goes well with both formal and informal looks. You can wear it for both for party occasions or formal meetings.