Top 7 facts to know about Eid and it’s significance

Eid is a significant festival in Islam. Here are top 7 things you should know about the festival and its significance

Eid is considered as a religious festival in Islam. The festival marks the end of the month of Ramadan and start of Shawaal. People following Islam celebrate the festival with great joy and happiness. They pay their regard to there only supreme God Allah with hope, sacrifice and love in heart and prayers. The festival deserves a very special mention in Islam and is very significant for Muslims.

Here are top 7 things you should know about Eid


Eid is traditionally known as Eid-al-fitr which means breaking of fast. On this auspicious day, no Muslim is allowed to fast. For the whole month of Ramadan Muslims keep fast and only eat before the dawn and after another sunset.

Eid-al-fitr is celebrated for one to three days, depending on the country. Different Islamic countries in Asia, Africa, Middle East and such celebrate the festival in more or less similar ways.

Generally Eid-al-fitr has a particular Salat which is an Islamic prayer consisting of two units called Rakats performed in an open field or hall.

On this auspicious day, people do charity work to pay their regard to their God by distributing money among poor and needy.

Depending on the countries, the outfits of men, women and children differs as they have to dress up in traditional clothing. For an instance, in Palestine men wear Abaya while in India they mostly wear kufi hats. While women across different nations put Hena on their hands.

The Shia Muslims and Sunni Muslims have different sets of procedures while paying devotion to their God. For an instance, in Sunni they praise Allah in loud voice while going to Eid prayer whereas in Shia the celebration starts with Niyyat.

The special dishes prepared on Eid are Halem, Meethi seviyan, Tangri Kebabs, Shahi biryani.

The actual date and time of Eid-al-fitr differs depending on different countries and time zones. Eid in Saudi Arabia was celebrated on 4th June in 2019 while in Pakistan and some other countries it was observed on 5th June.


Significance of Eid in Islam

Eid is the most important occasion in Islam. The festival marks the end of the month of Ramadan and fasting. They also pay their regard, thanking Allah to provide them with strength to excercise self control throughout the previous month of fasting. Also they ask for forgiveness if they failed to keep up with the rituals. The month of Ramadan and Eid signifies Sacrifice, hope, peace and love for Allah and humanity.